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Heaven and Hell Within

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It is interesting to see that in this day and age, you choose a specific cream that suits your skin type, a specific soap, a specific style of clothes and shoes, a specific type of car that you like and all other specific types of things and even specific types of people that you like and which work best for you, but when it comes to a finding guidelines to improve yourself, you are not much bothered about finding the ones that suit and work for you and your personality type and instead, you are happy with general guidelines. General guidelines are general whereas each person is specific and therefore, you don’t need general guidelines but you need specific ones.
Isn’t it fair enough that out of all the guidelines for improving yourself and having better chances of success in various spheres of your life, you should only choose the ones that you need and the ones that suit you or work the best for you. Well the time has come that you should start working on such an approach and through this book; I will try to make you decide by yourself what good things or what specific guidelines for improvement are going to work for you in the best possible way so that you may spend your maximum time and effort on those guidelines. So if you read this book with great attention, time and time again until you have understood and followed it completely, the chances are very high that you will be in a strong position to treat and improve yourself.

Himanshu Shangari

Heaven and Hell Within, Contents

Heaven and Hell Within
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Section 1

                                                   Unveiling the Deepest Secrets

Unveiling the Deepest Secrets

The Power and Illusions of Mind

Working of the Subconscious Mind and Aura

Addition of Energy through Karmas

Addition of Energy through People and Places

Three essential factors for Success

                                                                           Section 2

How to Improve Yourself

Identify Your Problem First

Too Much Copying

Bad Physical Shape


Leaving things Incomplete

Too many Vices

Negative Attitude

Too many Fears, Lack of Confidence

Lack of Discipline

Bad Company or Little Company

Lack of Courage

Too many Excuses and Justifications

Too much Anger, Too many Arguments

Too Little Learning

Too much Dishonesty, Being too Selfish

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Heaven and Hell Within, Cover Explanation

Heaven and Hell Within
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The cover depicts the journey of a soul through a man traveling by boat. This man sees Heaven as well as Hell in front of him and he is trying to decide which way to go, as he is the only one who has to make this choice. Likewise, all of us make this choice for us whether we want Heaven ( Happiness and Good ) by doing good to others or we want Hell ( Troubles and Bad ) by doing bad to others. Hence each one of us can steer the boat of our soul towards Heaven or towards Hell by engaging in good or bad karmas respectively.

The Heaven and Hell that he sees in front of him are nothing but an outward projection of the Heaven ( the Good ) and Hell ( the Bad ) that lies within him. It means that most of us have good as well as bad in us and the outside world will look good to us if we choose to be good to others whereas the outside world will look bad to us if we choose to be bad to others, in most cases. Hence the choice is only yours whether you want Heaven or Hell.

The cover also shows that as we keep doing good and raise the level of our soul or our personality, Hell starts leaving us and Heaven starts welcoming us. On the other hand, if we keep doing bad and degrade ourselves more and more, Heaven starts leaving us and we start falling down to Hell. This is why the cover shows more of Hell at the bottom and more of Heaven at the top. The more you rise, the more the Hell is left behind, whereas, the more you fall, the more the Heaven is left behind. It means that if you keep doing good and being positive, a stage will come when this good and positive start killing whatever bad is left in you. Likewise, if you keep doing bad and being negative, a stage will come when this bad and negative starts destroying whatever good is left in you. So make this choice wisely.

Himanshu Shangari

Heaven and Hell Within 02

Heaven and Hell Within
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So many books have already been written on the topic of personality development that some people may feel there is no need for more books. In reality, we need more and more books on this topic, because if every new book is able to give you even one valuable tip to improve yourself which you did not know before, the whole purpose of writing and reading the book has been served. The human race is ever evolving and will always keep evolving and with continuous evolution, new researchers come up with new ideas and theories in various spheres of life, from time to time. Though many of them don’t seem to deny theories established before their time, they add new value to the already existing theories so that we may get more benefit from those theories.

However some researchers do come up with new theories related to various spheres, from time to time and they provide us with knowledge that was earlier not available to many of us. This is due to the reason that a theory that holds good today may not hold equally good 100 years later, as with change in time and circumstance, the meaning and application of various theories may change. Hence new research, new information and new knowledge is the backbone of the process of evolution and therefore such new knowledge must keep appearing from time to time.

Personality development is a vast and complex sphere, as there is much more to it than appears on the surface and that is why many people with great talent and expertise in the field have been writing books on this topic. I have however observed that many such books offer generalized solutions for personality development and not many books offer specific or customized solutions for personality development; solutions which are different for different people and which have been specifically designed to address their specific types of problems or negative traits.

Hence I have written this book with the aim of offering different solutions for different people who may suffer from different problems, or even from the same problem due to different causes. As each individual is unique, accordingly, their problems may need different solutions. The remedies and suggestions to address various negative habits have been designed and suggested in a way that they will work specifically for the affected person instead of being a general thing which may be tried and may or may not work.

For example, even though different people may suffer from the same problem of headache, the causes may be different. One of them may have it due to high blood pressure, another one may have it due to low blood pressure, another one may have it because he did not sleep the whole night, yet another may have it because he has not eaten anything for eight or ten hours or even more, another one may have it due to a hangover from last night’s party and there are many other such reasons. In order to treat this problem of headache correctly, we must first know the exact reason for the headache and then decide an appropriate solution or medicine for the problem. A simple tablet for a headache may not work if a person suffers from high blood pressure and he will need different medicine to control his blood pressure, whereas the same medicine which lowers the blood pressure, and relieves this person from his headache, may cause severe problems for the person suffering from low blood pressure as it will further lower his blood pressure.

Hence different people need different solutions for their problems and it is only after identifying the exact cause or root cause of a problem in case of a specific person, that remedies or solutions should be prescribed. This book has been written with this same approach that different people need different solutions for their problems and hence this book will work towards giving you customized and specific solutions for your problems.

I have divided this book into two sections. The first section deals with technical aspects of all good and bad things that happen to us, how and why they happen and what is the exact mechanism behind the working of these good and bad things. It also contains more valuable information as well as more pearls of wisdom, many of which may not have been shared so far in any book related to this genre of personality development. Hence, this book is capable of filling you with more and more knowledge on the whole scheme of this universe, your role in it, how and which factors affect your success and failures, and how you can control those factors to gain from various spheres of your life.

The first section of this book at the same time is a technical section and accordingly, it may seem a little difficult to some readers, whereas many others will love and enjoy it like a blessing has been rendered to them. The readers, who find the first section difficult to understand, can directly move to the second section. It contains the juice of the first section – that is, it contains all the information and remedies you need to know to improve yourself, in very simple language.

The second section of this book deals with various types of problems that affect us, in the form of various negative habits and personality traits, all of which reduce or diminish our chances of achieving better things in our lives. These negative habits include negative attitude, lack of confidence, excessive anger, laziness, lack of courage and other such negative traits which may keep you away from the most beautiful and the most valuable of the achievements.

Each of these problems is discussed in detail. The root cause of each one of these problems is identified, ways to identify if you are suffering from this problem are mentioned, and finally, effective remedies to treat the problem are mentioned, including a variety of remedies and practices which are different for different people. By the time you finish reading this book, most of you will understand what your problems are and what exact solutions will work best for you. Hence this book empowers you to identify your problems and choose remedies for each problem on your own. This book will be a very valuable and dear friend of yours if you read it with all your attention and follow it with all your heart and effort.

With these words, I will now take you to the book and hope that most of you make the best use of this book and benefit from it.

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari

Heaven and Hell Within 01

Heaven and Hell Within

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                                                               Heaven and Hell Within

                                                               Which one do You Want?

                                                               Karmic Personality Development

                                                              Om Namah Shivaay

This book has become possible with the Grace of Lord Shiva and every valuable word in this book is only due to his Blessings. This Book is dedicated to the advancement and development of the good in people. The primary aim of this book is to make our lives as well as those of others, better and better by improving ourselves continuously.

                                                           Om Namah Shivaay

                                                           Special Thanks

After bowing to my Lord Shiva, let me take this moment to thank the person who has been an influence so strong and supportive in my life that she is second only to my Lord himself. She is none other than my respected and adorable mother, Smt. Jeewan Lata. So much can be said about her contribution to my life and her support in making me what I am today, that a whole book can be written about it! But, I will consider her like my Lord himself and hence move onto the next person, after bowing to her, as even an ocean of words can’t describe her real contribution in my life and for this book.

Second on the list of acknowledgments is my dear and respected father Lt. Sh. Bodh Raj Shangari. Though he left us when I was only nine, the mere fact that he along with my mother brought me to this world, makes me indebted to him for this life as well as for many lives to come. God Bless your soul father, wherever you are! Even though you are physically not with me anymore, you have always been present in my mind, through all the sweet memories of my childhood and you will always be.

Let me now take this opportunity to thank my dearest friend, Sh. Yusuf Kirmani, as without his effort, influence and support, this book would not have been possible at all! Making this book a reality was a priority for him, even more than it was for me and hence he is to be credited for this book, more than I should be. I am very lucky to have a true friend like you, dear brother, and I can’t thank you enough for your time, effort and support, and hence, I won’t even try!

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari