A Fit Body, Positive Mind

A warm welcome to HimanshuShangari.com. The primary motive of this website is to help people achieve a fit body, a positive mind, a kind heart and a solid character because these 4 qualities are essential if you wish to achieve bigger and bigger things and sustain them for a long period of time.

A Fit Body : Whereas some people may think that even without a properly fit body, many big or very big things can be achieved which can certainly be done but having a fit body will always improve your performance or so to say, the effort put by you in any sphere of your life and accordingly you are likely to get better results. It is not the only benefit you will receive for having a fit body as a person with a fit body is able to stay young, healthy and accordingly in a better position to keep on working till an old or very old age and hence physical fitness is something which you must have if you wish to achieve big things and if you wish to keep on achieving them even when you are 60, 70 or even more.

A Positive Mind : This is one quality that you will have to develop if you wish to achieve big things in your life and more important than that, if you wish to sustain those things. A person without a positive mind may be able to achieve success at times but he cannot sustain it for a very long or even for a long period of time because if you wish to hold your position at top levels once you have reached there, a positive mind is the first thing that you should have. A positive mind not only helps you to achieve one after the other big or great thing but it also makes sure that many other people also benefit on the way to your achieving such accomplishments and hence it is good for overall health and longevity of human race as well as for the overall theme and scheme of mother nature.

A Kind Heart : If there is one quality that makes us human in true sense, it is none other than the quality of being kind and considerate towards other needy human beings and towards all other needy species which live on this planet earth. Kindness is a virtue which may be difficult to achieve but once it comes to you, the whole world virtually starts communicating with you and through your acts of kindness towards the others; you contribute your due share in maintaining proper health, peace, prosperity and harmony in nature. In simple words, to be truly human is to be kind to others.

A Solid Character : A solid character is an essential which is of the utmost value if you wish to achieve anything big or very big in your life because of the fact that big or very big things are almost never achieved alone and you need support from many other people around you in order to achieve such things. When it comes to support whether it is physical, financial, moral or any other type of support, most of the people do not want to stand by a person who does not have a solid character and on the other hand, almost everyone is willing to stand by a person who is solid by character because most of the people know that people with a solid character are the only ones which can be trusted the most when it comes to undertaking big tasks and missions and achieving success in them

Hence we are going to start a new journey from this day onwards, a journey which will help us achieve all of the above mentioned 4 essentials and as more and more of us starting possessing these 4 essential virtues, not only the chances of our success in various spheres of our lives will increase a lot but this earth will start becoming a better and better place to live on. So let’s start this journey now and I will need support from all of you beautiful and positive people because great things cannot be achieved alone, as I already mentioned above.

Lord Shiva Bless You All

Himanshu Shangari

7 thoughts on “A Fit Body, Positive Mind

  1. Hi Sir,

    How can we differentiate between Kind Heart and Solid Character ?
    Isn’t that the person with Solid Character is already a person with Kind Heart ?

  2. Dear Vivek, A person with a solid character may have a kind heart though it is not a condition, but a person with a kind heart may not have a solid character as is generally seen in many cases. Most of the mothers have very kind hearts but many of them do not have a solid character as they are always shaken and driven by emotions. Hence both are different. Lord Shiva Bless You !

  3. Hello Sir,

    What actually is Solid Character ??? What are the ingredients that define Solid Character ? If I want to define a person with Solid Character how can I define him? Also are the required Qualities for a Solid Character is in-born or we develop it gradually ?

    • Dear Vivek,
      Though a Solid Character is a mixture of many positive qualities, but it finally translates into a dependable person which means that a person with a solid character is dependable and actually he alone is dependable because he can stand for what he believes in and for the people he loves and cares. This explanation is very long but you must have understood the main point. Think of Lord Rama and look how solid a character he was. In modern times, think of Swami Vivekananda, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose and many other such people and you will get to know what is a solid character.

      A person can either be born with a solid character or he can develop it later on, both the choices are avaliable. A solid character is the attribute of the soul and not of the body and therefore once you have achieved it, it stays with you for all the coming lives. For this reason, the people who have achieved it in their past life, are born with it and the other people can try and achieve it in this life so that they may carry it to their next lives.
      Lord Shiva Bless You !
      Himanshu Shangari

  4. Hello PanditJi,

    It is so great to see that you are starting this website, sharing great insights with people. I especially resonated with this article because it goes contrary to the cutthroat mentality that is sometimes encouraged in the business sector, where “beating” the competition is everything. Lately, as I’m going more and more into entrepreneurial activities, I have encountered many little forks in the road, which give you the opportunity to be greedy vs being generous, for instance. Or in sharing my knowledge with someone (theoretically losing some control over it) or sharing my knowledge (and empowering that person). And because I have a nature that tends towards caring more for others than sometimes about myself, I would like to hear how can one transport that into an entrepreneurial life. Since some of my character traits sometimes go against things associated with business (like I said, intense competition, greed, etc) — I’m particularly interested in this because (as per my astrological chart) there should come a period in my life soon where being business and growth-minded is kind of “required” from the period.

    • Dear Ciprian,
      It’s good to see you here and asking questions in your own style and according to your own level of increased intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. For your question in concern, it demands a very long explanation which is not possible through this comment. But the good news is that a book writen by me is coming to the markets in a month or so and through this book, you will get answers to many such questions as this book will reveal a great number of secrets of nature to you. So kindly wait for some time.

      Lord Shiva Bless You !
      Himanshu Shangari

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