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It should be noted here that being physically fit does not necessarily mean that you have to regularly go to gym, lift all those heavy weights and start looking like Hulk, as that routine can be difficult one to follow on regular basis as such routines involve costs and resources like gym fee, fuel expenses, special diets, special routines etc. Being physically fit simply means two things, the first of them is that you should be in a good physical shape that is, not too thin and not too fat, and the second one is the fact that you should regularly engage in such activities which demand good amount of physical strength or stamina like brisk walking or running, three to four times a week. Through such activities your body will always be ready to perform with extra strength since you have been continuously telling your body that you often need this type of strength and stamina to perform and accordingly such type of strength and stamina is reserved for you and sooner than you know, such strength and stamina become your best friends as long as you keep on performing your physical activities.

I also feel like mentioning the fact here that I am not against going to a gym, lifting weights and building muscles, and in fact I love going to gym and building muscles and so I follow regular schedules. But as you may remember, this article is not for me and it is for you and hence I will not suggest you to do what works best for me or what suits me the most, like some other writers do, but I will suggest you what is likely to work the best for you, since I am me, you are you and everyone else is themselves.

Going to gym and particularly a good gym needs fair amount of money, resources, special diets, fixed times and some other things also and it hence going to gym may not be advisable for some of you as it may cause different types of problems for some of you. For example, some of you may not be able to comfortably afford the luxury of all of such money, time and resources and hence engaging in such a practice may affect your daily routines as well as your financial equations in a negative way, and since we are talking about decreasing negativity, so it is never wise to get rid of one negative thing while getting another negative thing in exchange, and hence you should not do it in such a case.

Apart from this problem of time and resources, going to gym and building muscles in particular, may have a negative effect on some specific people who may already be suffering due to high amount of aggression in their nature, and hence such people should also stay away from building much muscle as it may worsen their problem and instead, such people should find something else that suits them and that works for them and I will explain such activities in the articles which are coming later on.

Now looking at the benefits provided by brisk walking and running, not only do they reduce unwanted fat from your body but they also improve your physical strength, stamina and overall health. Add to this, a big bonus that walking and running are probably the most affordable exercises all across the globe which means that you do not have to pay any money to do so, you do not need to stick to a specific gym or a specific city or even a specific country. The whole world is your gym or your playground and you can continue to walk and run without any problems or without any expenses, even when you are changing your locality, city, state or even country. In addition to that, doing a physical exercise in the lap of mother nature is better than doing the same in closed walls, in many cases and hence it is worthy of being preferred by a majority of people.

So whether it is a gym, park, road, mountain or a sea shore, it does not matter much as long as you are doing some regular exercise to keep yourself in shape and at the same time, in order to maintain and increase a specific amount of strength and stamina which helps you in many spheres of your life. There are various other physical activities which can help you achieve the same objective and such activities may include cycling, rope skipping, swimming, various types of sports, doing aerobic exercises and many other such activities. So consider getting in a good physical shape if you are already not in it and then we are ready to move on to the treatment of next negative habit or trait.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari

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  1. Hi Sir,

    Can u please put some light on Yoga too ??? As entire world today is lauding the efforts taken by our Honorable PM, why don’t you advice people to do do Yoga as well.

    • Dear Vivek,
      When the right time comes, I will write about Yoga also.
      Lord Shiva Bless You
      Himanshu Shangari

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