Bad Physical Shape

Bad physical shape in most of the cases means that you are either too thin in a weak looking way or you are too fat and even though none of these conditions will certainly block your success but they can still pose difficulties for you while reaching success or they can limit the amount of success that you want to achieve, particularly when it comes to finding your life partner as it certainly reduces your chances of finding a partner of your liking since in this time and in this age in particular, people are very cautious about the physical appearance and fitness while looking for a partner. And once again, even though this factor is not a guarantee that a success or a relation will be denied, but it can certainly reduce your chances.

Apart from this, there are other reasons also for which you should consider being physically fit and let’s now look into those reasons. It is now a very well known and established fact that the better you are in physical shape and health, the better are your chances of performing better in various spheres of your life and hence for this reason, you should consider being physically fit. Moving on to the next reason, when you are having a physical shape that is lying on one of the extremes which means that you are too thin or too fat, many people coming across you will give you a look of disapproval which is not a right thing to do on their part but which is how it goes nowadays, and when you start receiving more and more such type of looks and even mocking dialogues in some cases, it certainly hits your confidence and your confidence starts decreasing particularly in the spheres where fitness matters. On the other hand, if you are in a very good physical shape, many people around you will give you looks of approval and some of them will even give you verbal complements also which increases your confidence and you are in a better position to try certain things which you would not try if you were in a bad physical shape.

Have you ever observed that unless some other factors are causing problem with someone in specific, the fittest type of males and females feel more confident and comfortable in approaching the members of opposite sex and accordingly they have better chances of pairing with better looking people, and when it comes to pairing with good looking people, even though many or most of us may say that looks don’t matter much and the nature matters the most, but deep down we all know that in most of the cases, it is the looks only that matter in the beginning and rest of the things or qualities come to the scene late or very late. So you should consider your physical fitness for this reason also as dating and pairing is also a very important part of your life and if you can get to date people who you really like, simply by being in better physical shape, then you must get into it.

And finally coming to the most used lines about your physical fitness, being physically fit reduces the chances of many diseases, it increases your vitality, it lowers your cholesterol and blah blah. Well all of these things may sound clichés but they certainly work. So listen to your grandpa’s advice or your doctor’s advice and start maintaining a good physique.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari