Better than the Best


No worldly success is the final success for there can always be failures after that success and likewise no failure is the final failure for there can always be success after every failure. Hence do not get carried away after achieving a success for it can be short lived and likewise do not lose heart or courage after facing a failure, for success may be very close to you. Always remember that neither a success gives much value to the journey of your life as well as to the journey of your soul, nor a failure takes away much value from this journey and hence both of them are not to be loved or feared much. It is the spirit to continue your journey that counts the most. Leave every success behind you and move on, for this is what you should do and likewise leave every failure behind you and move on for this is what you should do.

The success that you achieve today becomes a thing of the past tomorrow, and likewise the failure that you face today becomes an event in the past tomorrow, and as you know past is past and it is not worthy of being attached to, too much. So no matter what you achieve or lose today, tomorrow is a new day and the gain or loss of today becomes past when you’re in tomorrow. So understand the value of moving on with your life which means trying to do something valuable on each day of your life even if it is a failure for that also teaches you great many things. Don’t waste your time being too happy for the success achieved in the past, for that time is long gone and likewise don’t worry too much about the failures of the past, for such failures are long gone too. Concentrate on today and try to get some value of this today and every coming day of your life. This is what matters the most and this is called the spirit to move on with your life or in simple words, the spirit of your life.

Hence the best time and the only time that you have is today and this moment, and therefore you should try to make the most of this day as well as this moment and once you have done some valuable things or achieved some good things, taking a break to enjoy the fruits for a while, may be a good idea but make sure that this break is not too long. Something good that you achieved 2 years back or even more, can still be able to bring you money, fame and other material things but if you have stopped doing new efforts and you are only enjoying the fruits of the labor done in the past, you have certainly stopped the journey of development which should never be stopped. If you have achieved one or more than one big or very big things in the past, it only means that with conscious effort and more practice, you can achieve even bigger things and sometimes, you can achieve even great ones and the only thing that is stopping you from achieving them is the feeling which says that you have achieved your maximum and you should not try to achieve anything more than it.

No one in this world actually achieves there maximum as there is always a scope to achieve more. The term maximum is a relative term which means that at a certain point of time and with a certain type of personality and effort; you were able to achieve a specific amount of maximum result. But as you move on and continue to learn, develop and grow, the maximum effort that you can put increases and accordingly, the maximum result that you can achieve also increases. Good things which have come your way only mean that better things are ahead and you should continue your journey of effort and growth in order to achieve those better things and once you have achieved such better things, there are even better things lying ahead, waiting for you to try and get them. This better keeps on getting better and better and even when you think that you have achieved the best or your best, there is still something waiting for you ahead, something which is even better than the best which you have achieved. So keep on doing more and achieving more, take a break as and when you need, relax and recharge your body and mind, and then start working for achieving more and more, better and better.


Himanshu Shangari