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Heaven and Hell Within

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Acknowledgments and Prelude


Section 1 Unveiling the Deepest Secrets


The Power and Illusions of Mind 01

The Power and Illusions of Mind 02

Working of the Subconscious Mind and Aura 01

Working of the Subconscious Mind and Aura 02

Addition of Energy through Karma 01

Addition of Energy through Karma 02

Addition of Energy through Karma 03

Addition of Energy through Karma 04

Addition of Energy through Karma 05

Addition of Energy through People and Places 01

Addition of Energy through People and Places 02

Addition of Energy through People and Places 03

Addition of Energy through People and Places 04

Addition of Energy through People and Places 05

Three Essential Factors for Success


Section 2 : How to Improve Yourself


Identify Your Problem First

Too Much Copying

Bad Physical Shape


Leaving Things Incomplete

Too Many Vices

Negative Attitude 01

Negative Attitude 02

Too Many Fears, Lack of Confidence 01

Too Many Fears, Lack of Confidence 02

Lack of Discipline

Bad Company, Little Company

Lack of Courage 01

Lack of Courage 02

Too Many Excuses and Justifications 01

Too Many Excuses and Justifications 02

Too much Anger, Too many Arguments

Too Little Learning

Too much Dishonesty, Being too Selfish

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Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari

Working of Subconscious Mind

Heaven and Hell Within

It is the time to know that our conscious mind is not capable of attracting much positive or negative energy from the outside world on its own, though it may attract small amounts of this energy at times. These amounts are so small that they are not capable of bringing any major changes in our energy patterns as well as in our auras and our lives. For this fact, our conscious mind depends on our subconscious mind to attract more and more positive or negative energy from the outside world. The subconscious mind is much powerful in comparison to the conscious mind and it is capable of doing this more effectively and this is where the role of the subconscious mind comes into play.

Depending on the positive or negative nature and strength of the energy coming to us from outside, through our subconscious mind, the net equation of energy changes depending on whether our subconscious mind has attracted positive or negative energy from the outside. The energy equation resumes from where it was in our previous life and then starts changing positively or negatively, depending on whether we are trying to bring in more positivity or more negativity. This is why, keeping positive thinking patterns, is important. Read more at


The Power and Illusions of Mind

Heaven and Hell Within

Let’s first get to know the conscious and subconscious mind and what their respective functions are. The conscious mind is the part of your mind which interacts with you and your body on various levels. Everything fed to this part of the mind and everything coming out of it can be actively felt and understood by you. For example, when you drink juice, your tongue sends taste signals to your mind and your mind tells you if it tastes good or bad and you know every detail of this act right from the beginning till the end. This is called your conscious mind and almost all functions and activities of the conscious mind are within your knowledge. So this part of your mind is simple to understand and goes easy as its name conscious mind suggests. Read more at https://www.astrologerpanditji.com/heaven-hell-within/

Heaven and Hell Within 01

Heaven and Hell Within

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                                                               Karmic Personality Development

                                                              Om Namah Shivaay

This book has become possible with the Grace of Lord Shiva and every valuable word in this book is only due to his Blessings. This Book is dedicated to the advancement and development of the good in people. The primary aim of this book is to make our lives as well as those of others, better and better by improving ourselves continuously.

                                                           Om Namah Shivaay

                                                           Special Thanks

After bowing to my Lord Shiva, let me take this moment to thank the person who has been an influence so strong and supportive in my life that she is second only to my Lord himself. She is none other than my respected and adorable mother, Smt. Jeewan Lata. So much can be said about her contribution to my life and her support in making me what I am today, that a whole book can be written about it! But, I will consider her like my Lord himself and hence move onto the next person, after bowing to her, as even an ocean of words can’t describe her real contribution in my life and for this book.

Second on the list of acknowledgments is my dear and respected father Lt. Sh. Bodh Raj Shangari. Though he left us when I was only nine, the mere fact that he along with my mother brought me to this world, makes me indebted to him for this life as well as for many lives to come. God Bless your soul father, wherever you are! Even though you are physically not with me anymore, you have always been present in my mind, through all the sweet memories of my childhood and you will always be.

Let me now take this opportunity to thank my dearest friend, Sh. Yusuf Kirmani, as without his effort, influence and support, this book would not have been possible at all! Making this book a reality was a priority for him, even more than it was for me and hence he is to be credited for this book, more than I should be. I am very lucky to have a true friend like you, dear brother, and I can’t thank you enough for your time, effort and support, and hence, I won’t even try!

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari

Reasons for Rebirth 11

Wisdom 017

On the other hand, as a soul is permanent and it cannot be destroyed by any means, the attributes assigned to a soul are also permanent which means that once a person develops or writes such attributes on his soul, they are going to be there forever and ever until some specific and conscious practices are done to remove these attributes. The attributes like knowledge, wisdom and even liberation are the attributes of the soul and accordingly they stay forever once they have come. It means that any type of knowledge gained by you in any one of your lives will always remain with you though you may not be able to fully access and use this knowledge in some particular life of yours due to various reasons.

But even then such knowledge and wisdom is always there inside you, stored in your subconscious mind and protected by it. When the right time comes in a life or when the right life comes for this knowledge to be released to you, it is released by your subconscious mind and you start having it once again as if by magic. In reality, there is no magic in it and this knowledge was gained long time back by you only and then this knowledge had become unavailable to you for some time. Now it is become available once again and since you do not know all the steps involved in this process, you think that you have gained this knowledge by virtue of some magic.

As liberation is an attribute of the soul, it means that once a soul achieves this state of liberation, this state cannot be reversed and this soul remains liberated from there on, even though such a soul may have to put great amount of work and will power in order to achieve such a state of liberation. Accordingly when the liberated souls chose to come to this earth from time to time, they are free from the conditions of good and bad karmas and whatever they do on this earth whether good or bad, bears no fruits for them since they have already freed themselves from such fruits. In order for the nature to maintain harmony in its system, such liberated souls become aware of their state of liberation at early or very early age and accordingly they start behaving like a liberated soul which means they do not engage in bad karmas, they do not wish for the fruits of good karmas and they do not develop any desires.

This is what it actually means when we say that a liberated soul is free from the fruit of good and bad karmas. Such souls are very well aware of their state of liberation and their state of highest wisdom and accordingly they do not engage in such acts or desires which can become the cause of new and conditional births, as per the laws of nature. This is the time when all of you should understand as to why do many of highly divine saints or Godly people start exhibiting very wise and balanced behavior right from their early or very early age. This is due to the fact that their state of liberation as well as their state of highest wisdom is conveyed to them at very early ages so that they may not engage in any such acts which may cause them to take new and conditional births as per the laws of nature.

And since such souls gain access to all the knowledge and wisdom during their childhood or early childhood itself, they start behaving like enlightened souls right from their childhood. Such a behavior is nothing but logical and compulsory because in order to maintain its system in a flawless way, nature has to grant these souls with an access to all of their knowledge and wisdom as well as to their state of liberation, in early years of their lives. And as such knowledge and wisdom comes to them, they start behaving like the enlightened ones right from their childhood, which is exactly what we should expect from a liberated soul and which is exactly what they do.

Himanshu Shangari