Energy in Human Body and Mind

Wisdom 011

Human body contains 12 energy centers inside it and these energy centers are super microscopic which means that they are so small that they cannot be seen even through the best of our microscopes. The job of these energy centers is to register energy, store energy and then transmit or radiate energy. Energy here means different types of positive as well as negative and mixed energies which may have different strengths, different natures and different levels of activity. You’ll be surprised to know that all the things that we do, all our nature, all our actions, all our successes and failures and all other things related to us are nothing but a result of interaction of these different energies within us.

At the time of birth of a human, different type of energies are registered in these energy centers of his body, as soon as a baby comes out from the womb, out in to this world. These energies which may be called planetary energies and various other types of energies which are spread and active on the horizon at the time and place of birth of a particular human, instantly get themselves registered with different energy centers within the body of this individual. These energies are registered in various energy centers in different ways depending upon the strength, position and level of activities of these energies at the time and place of birth of this individual. These combinations may be made in such a way that some energy centers may register more than one type of energies whereas some other energy centers may remain empty which means no energy is registered with energy these centers in our body.

And this is where the game starts for us in any particular life, for example say in the present life. As soon as these energies are registered with different energy centers of our body at the time of our birth, they start interacting with the other energies in the same energy center as well as with the energies registered with the other energy centers of our body. How many strong and how many weak, how many positive and how many negative energies will be registered with various energy centers of our body, is not a coincidence and it is decided on the basis of our past life karmas or in easy words, whatever various types of net positive and negative energies we were carrying during the last times of our previous life, the same energies come to us in this life at the time of our birth.

So when you hear the enlightened people saying, Death is nothing but a Sleep, this is true in the sense that whatever types of energies we carry in this life, they do not go away with death and they come back to you in your very next life, with the same positive or negative strength which they were there, at the time of your death in this life. So death is indeed a sleep and you get all the same abilities and disabilities that you had in your recent past life and it just continues from there. This also validates another theory of the enlightened ones that the journey of the soul is continuous and death is nothing but one of many milestones or stoppages on the way.

And for this reason, the problem with negative mindset is not temporary which means lasting till the end of this life but it is permanent as it has been there in the past lives also and it will be there in the next lives also. It will not go away on its own and it will stay there until you start doing constant effort to remove it and replace it with positive energy which will then take its place and start being there for the rest of this life as well as for the coming lives.

Himanshu Shangari