Heaven and Hell Within, Contents

Heaven and Hell Within
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Section 1

                                                   Unveiling the Deepest Secrets

Unveiling the Deepest Secrets

The Power and Illusions of Mind

Working of the Subconscious Mind and Aura

Addition of Energy through Karmas

Addition of Energy through People and Places

Three essential factors for Success

                                                                           Section 2

How to Improve Yourself

Identify Your Problem First

Too Much Copying

Bad Physical Shape


Leaving things Incomplete

Too many Vices

Negative Attitude

Too many Fears, Lack of Confidence

Lack of Discipline

Bad Company or Little Company

Lack of Courage

Too many Excuses and Justifications

Too much Anger, Too many Arguments

Too Little Learning

Too much Dishonesty, Being too Selfish

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