Lack of Confidence 01

Wisdom 019

One of the biggest obstacles in your path to success in various spheres of your life is lack of confidence which is also a very big problem to deal with and which has many branches of negative habits like having too many fears, too many inhibitions, lack of concentration and other such problems which have their root in this bigger problem called lack of confidence. And even though this problem of lack of confidence is not as bad as the problem of negative attitude, but it is still capable of taking so much away from you and particularly the big things or the biggest things that you are capable of achieving if you do not have this problem of lack of confidence. This is due to the reason that all the big things in your life will almost always need a great deal of confidence from your side, an undivided faith that you will achieve them which is not there if you lack confidence.

This problem of lack of confidence once again is a problem of the subconscious mind and even though it originates from a series of your conscious efforts like most of the other problems, it eventually writes a script on your subconscious mind, a script which says that you are not fit for doing big tasks and you are not fit for achieving big things and sometimes even small things if this problem is big or very big in case of a particular person which means that this person suffers from the problem of very low confidence. In order to know the best possible ways to start treating this problem, let’s first look into the root of this problem as the best solution of a problem will always come from the root of that problem because once we know as to where is the root of a problem, it is easier for us to treat it and remove it from the root itself.

This problem originally starts when a person gets consciously afraid to do a thing or to deal with a situation or even to deal with a person and as this person chooses to back away from this thing, situation or person, his conscious mind sends a signal to his subconscious mind that he wants to run away from facing big things or difficult situations. But this is not much of a trouble at this time as only one message has been sent to the subconscious mind and therefore there is nothing much to worry about. As this person repeats the same conscious acts again and again in various types of situations that he may think are difficult to deal with, his conscious mind keeps on sending more and more signals to his subconscious mind that he does not want to deal with difficult looking situations and with such repeated messages, a time comes when such messages take the form of a script which is written on the subconscious mind and this is the point from where this problems starts getting out of hand.

Since the subconscious mind has now registered this script of running away from difficult looking situations, it starts working according to this script and each time you face a situation which may seem difficult to you or even a bit difficult to you, your subconscious mind starts sending many types of fears to you in the form of inner voices and the essence of such inner voices may be something like, ‘do not try this task as if you fail you will face great loss’ or ‘do not go ahead with this situation as if you fail, many people will laugh upon you’ or the strongest type of fear message like, ‘this is too much for you to handle and hence you should back away’ and as result you start backing away from more and more situations which makes your problem even worse as each time you back out, your conscious mind sends one more signal to your subconscious mind and accordingly, your subconscious mind will put more resistance, the next time you want to try something big or even something reasonable.

Like most of the other problems originating from various types of negative energies inside you, this problem also keeps on aggravating more and more with the passage of time as you continuously keep on backing away from difficult looking situations due to the fears of your mind which come to you in form of inner voices, in most of the cases. As this problem becomes more and more rooted, you will start observing that you are now finding it difficult to do the jobs which are comparatively easier and which you were able to do only a few years or even a few months ago. As this problem increases, your subconscious mind starts sending you more and more fears each time you want to try something and accordingly you find it more and more difficult to face situations, attempt things and deal with people and this is the point when your confidence has hit a real low point.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari