Lack of Courage 01

Wisdom 021

As the title itself suggests, this negative habit puts specific types of fears in your mind due to which you only want to engage in things or activities which look absolutely safe to you and you do not want to engage in things or activities which have a percentage risk factor of 30, 20 or even less. I know that safety and security should be the primary concern for all of us but there are some things in this world which cannot be achieved without taking risk and surprisingly most of the biggest and greatest things fall into this category and hence you need to start taking calculated risks if you want to achieve big, bigger or the biggest things in your life.

Look at the history of mankind and you will find that the very existence of a human being on this earth starts with a big risk, the risk which a mother takes by conceiving a baby even after knowing that such conception may cause many health problems for her and in some cases, it can take her life also. Even though medical science has now become advanced enough to make sure that in most of the cases, the mother as well as the baby is safe, but even when no medical science was there to start with, all mothers took this risk of their health and their life in order to bring us to this earth and into existence. The reason for which all these mothers took this great risk was the fact that all of them knew that greater achievements will need greater courage and accordingly greater risks need to be taken. Always remember that the greater are the risks the greater are the rewards, or the same can be quoted in the words of Thomas Jefferson, one of the great founding fathers of United States of America who said, ‘with great risk comes great reward’.

Do you know that the survival rate till the age of adulthood is low or very low among many species of animals, sea creatures, birds and other such species but even then their mothers conceive the babies and give birth to them, knowing well in advance that many of them will die in front of their eyes. The babies come to the real world, many of them and in some cases most of them die young or very young while their mothers witness their deaths and before you can even start to wonder, these mothers are ready to do it again. The reason is the fact that even all these species among animals know that there are no rewards without risks, there is no success without failure and there is no life without death, and so they only do what is required of them. They try to do it in the best possible way by providing the safest atmosphere to their new born babies and then they are willing to take a calculated amount of risk. No mother wants to see her babies die in front of her eyes even if it is an animal or bird mother, but they watch all such things and they keep on doing it again and again after watching it again and again as they know that there is no reward without risk.

There is nothing bad in learning from anyone even if that anyone is an animal or a bird as learning is invaluable regardless of the source it comes from, so disregard the fact that the ability to take calculated risks is being taught to us again and again by animal kingdom and other such species, and grab these pearls of knowledge and wisdom. And if this much motivation is not enough for you, look at the history of mankind and try to find even a single great achievement accomplished by a human being which did not involve risk or to be more precise, which did not involve great amount of risk.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari