Lack of Courage 02

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Alexander the great took 40 thousand men with him to invade, attack and win one of the most powerful empires of his times called Persian Empire and he did so successfully. Even though he may have been a skilled warrior and a great leader, but he must have known from the start till the end that his adventure comes with a great amount of risk, the risk which he calculated, the risk which he took and the risk which rewarded him in such a big way that even till this day his name is taken among the greatest, the most courageous and the most successful warriors and kings, the history of mankind has ever witnessed. He took an army of 40 thousand Greeks with him and he kept on conquering whatever and whoever came in their way, which is one of the biggest examples of the greatest of the courage that a human being can exhibit, and courage as you should all know, is nothing but the ability to take risk.

In the history of mankind, you will find that Alexander the great was not the only one to exhibit such great courage and there were many other courageous and brave people who took great risks or who took calculated risks during their times and in their respective fields or spheres and who not only left their permanent mark on the pages of history, but who can still inspire us enough to take risks and be courageous, hundreds or even thousands of years after they died.

Let’s now try to learn this lesson of courage from the life of one of the greatest and most courageous people, the history of mankind ever has registered, who is one of my personal favorites and this man is no one else but the 16th President of United States of America, Honorable Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Starting from 1830 and going to 1860, he failed at almost everything he tried including business, legislature, US Congress, US Senate and even US Vice President without registering even a single significant win or victory in these 30 years which is a fairly long period of time.

But this great and courageous man did not quit or give in and he kept on giving his best to every contest and every battle that came his way and even though he kept on facing defeat after defeat, none of these defeats could break his courage and he kept on moving ahead with the same courage as if he already knew that his job was to try and give his best and winning or losing was secondary. This losing streak prevailed for almost 30 years until this great man won the biggest victory anyone can win in United States of America, as this great man was elected as 16th President of United States of America, in November 1860 and whatever great things he achieved after that, need no mention.

This much motivation from various spheres of life should be enough to inspire courage among all of you and now coming back to the main topic, if you have this negative habit of taking no risk or taking little risk, it is the time you should start doing conscious effort to get rid of this negative habit and replace it with the exact opposite habit which is called courage and as you already know by now, when lack of courage leaves, courage checks in or in other words, when courage arrives it is check out time for lack of courage. Moving ahead with this topic, I will tell you easy and very effective methods through which you can get rid of this habit of lack of courage.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari