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After looking at most damaging negative habits like negative attitude and lack of confidence, let’s now move on to another negative habit called lack of discipline, a habit which is found in relatively large number of people nowadays as people are tending towards indiscipline more and more.

Even though the negative habit of lack of discipline is not nearly as damaging as the habits like negative attitude and lack of confidence, it can still cause problems for you in various spheres of your life, from time to time. You may very well be able to manage your life with occasional bumps and hurdles even if you have this negative habit, as long as you aspire to do or achieve things up to a level which may be called the middle level or at the most the upper middle level if you are loaded with many other positive qualities. So if all you want to do and achieve in this life belongs to the middle level like a good to do job, a good looking car, a comfortable apartment, a good looking life partner and all other such things and people which match this level, you may not want to bother much about improving this habit even if you have it, because most of you can get all of the above mentioned things even without much discipline in your life.

But if you are aiming for the top level in each sphere or in most spheres of your life, lack of discipline is one such negative habit, you simply cannot afford to have. Search through the history of mankind and look for all great achievers in various spheres of life and you will find that most of them or almost all of them had a strong sense or strong habit of discipline. Like all the sports or games you play, the competition at the top level is always the toughest and in order to survive such a competition and register a win, you simply cannot afford to have many weaknesses or to be precise, any weaknesses. Lack of discipline can prove to be a very big weakness when you compete or play at the top levels of your life in various spheres.

Look into the lives of all the self made successful and rich people and you will find that in most cases, these people have managed all of their affairs, with great discipline and management. Simply try to look into the day to day lives of these people and you will find that they have laid out some rules for eating, working, meeting other people, relaxing and for performing other important activities which are compulsory to manage their life in the best possible way. Seldom will you find self made successful people who do not have most of the things in their day to day routine, sorted out and managed in a very impressive and timely manner.

And speaking about time, it is undoubtedly one of the most favorite things among the most successful people as effective time management is the one of the best forms of discipline. Discipline of time which means effective time management, is so important to reach and stay at the top levels of success that if you look into the schedules of the most successful people, you will find that most of them have already prepared a schedule for the coming 10 days, 20 days or even more, depending upon their profession and depending upon the level of success they have achieved. This is due to the fact that at the very top levels of competition, time is of greatest value and if there is one thing that all of these successful people have much lesser than an average man, without any doubts, that thing is time.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari

One thought on “Lack of Discipline 01

  1. Hi Sir,

    Does Scheduling means preparing Plan for each and every hour? Actually I have noticed that I have tried scheduling many times but it doesn’t work for me. And we usually come across many books which says that we must plan but I was never able to appreciate it. Even when I don’t do any planning and without worrying for it I am able to do everything effectively.

    I just want to know does scheduling means making plans for each and every hour ? And in real life situation we don’t even know what’s going to happen after 1 hour , then what’s the need to do so many planning. I don’t think that big wigs like Mr. Ambani would divide his 24 hrs and make a note of it.

    Kindly throw some light and clear my misconception if i have any because the best part of your articles is you never generalize things for each and every person.

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