Lack of Discipline 02

Wisdom 005b

It is a simple to understand fact that most of us love that thing the most, which is our favorite and which at the same time, isn’t available as much as we want. Have you ever wondered why do billions of people wait for, watch and enjoy a lot, a football world cup or a cricket world cup event? This is once again due to the reason that we love football or cricket very much and such an event comes after 4 to 5 years and during this wait of 4-5 years, the hunger or thirst reaches its peak level and after that, when we get the treat, who would want to miss that.

If one of us gets a chance to be with Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt or any one of our top favorite stars, depending upon our choice, throughout the day, it will be one hell of a feeling of joy and pleasure and we will feel like flying in the sky. However, if Brad and Angelina spend a day together in the same manner like we did with one of them, their level of joy will be nowhere closer, even though they may have a very good day. The reason once again is that even though both of them may like each other much more than anyone of us likes anyone of them, they get to meet each other a lot and hence they are not even 100 times less hungry for each other as we are for any one of them. This is because their hunger and thirst for each other is taken care of, on regular basis.

So the things or people we like very much and at the same time we don’t get much of them or as much as we want, are of utmost value for all of us and almost no one in this world is an exception to this rule. This rule holds true even in the case of a divine hermit or a divine saint who wants nothing more but a vision of his respective lord because his lord is the only one he loves and wants the most and at the same time, his lord is the only one, he does not get to see often, much or at all.

Coming back to the original topic, if there is one thing that most of these successful people operating on top levels do not have as much as they want, that thing is time without any doubt and for this reason all of these people love their time more than anything else. If you ask a billionaire for a help of one million, he may not be bothered much but if you ask him for a week or even a day of his life, you are very likely to catch him speechless. Likewise if you ask the president or prime minister of your country for a decent job or even for an election ticket from his party, he may still be able to manage it or something else valuable for you, but if you ask him the same question which is to give you a week of his time, you will find him speechless too. Hence time is of utmost value when you want to reach and win on top levels as well as when you want to maintain yourself on those levels, after you have reached there.

This is because most of these successful people have so many good abilities and talents in them that they can achieve even more than they are currently achieving if they have much more time to do many more things. Since they do not have that extra time, they have to make the most of the time that they have on their hands. Hence you can’t afford to waste an hour or even a minute of your life if you want to reach and stay on those top levels in many spheres of your life.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari