Lack of Discipline 03

Wisdom 005b

Hence effective time management is a must have habit if you want to succeed at the top levels of various spheres of your life and if you do not have this habit, it means you have the other habit which is the opposite of this habit and which is called lack of discipline and which is most of the times accompanied by one more negative habit called ineffective time management, little time management or no time management. If you have this negative habit of lack of discipline and low value for your time, you will need to get rid of this habit as you simply can’t succeed at the top levels without getting rid of this habit.

As far as effective time management is concerned, it is not a very difficult habit to develop and most of us can develop this habit without much difficulty. In order to develop this habit simply start maintaining a schedule for your important day to day activities and you will start having this habit right away. For example, if you are doing a job which allows you only 2 hours of free time in the evening and Saturday and Sunday as free days, start planning your non-official tasks in a way that you may do them effectively in your free time. For example, instead of avoiding to do some compulsory home shopping or any other compulsory task on Saturdays and Sundays and then taking a leave or half day on the next Tuesday or Wednesday for the same shopping or other compulsory task, learn to do this shopping during Saturday or Sunday and save yourself from taking an unwanted leave.

Always remember if you want to succeed in your profession and you want to achieve at the top levels, you will have to put your work before most of the other things, most of the time in your life. Hence you should not stay away from your work or profession for much time, and for reasons which you have created yourself due to poor management of time and due to lack of discipline because a strong sense of discipline in the same situation will tell you strongly to get up and complete the shopping on Saturday, relax on Sunday and then go back to your job on Monday with no pending house jobs which may affect your performance at work. It is your performance at work alone which is going to decide the level of success you reach in your professional sphere, in most cases. Hence learn to develop a habit of effective time management by planning your tasks and by planning the other important jobs in a way that you may engage in them during your free time so that they may not affect your performance at work, in a negative way.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari