Lack of Discipline 04

Wisdom 005b

And now coming to the habit of lack of discipline in various other spheres of life, some of you may have this habit of lack of discipline which is nothing else but failing to comply with or ignoring some sets of rules or codes of conduct in your day to day life. Such rules are generally not very difficult to obey and you can obey most of them without much trouble whereas not obeying them will certainly keep you away from success on top levels and hence you should start doing conscious effort in order to get rid of this negative habit of lack of discipline and you should instead make friends with the habit of discipline which will come to you automatically as the habit of lack of discipline goes away because one of these habits will stay with you for sure and only one of these can stay with you at a time. Hence as the negative habit of lack of discipline leaves you, the positive habit of maintaining discipline will reach you or in other words, as discipline reaches you, lack of discipline will leave you.

In order to find some activities for effective treatment of this negative habit of lack of discipline, let’s first try to look into the root of this habit as the effective solution for this problem will come from its root only, as always is the case. People start developing this habit of lack of discipline when at a point of time they conscious start avoiding some simple rules or code of behavior which are called discipline.

For example, coming home at night and parking your car on the road outside your house when you have a due parking place in your garage and you don’t have a plan to go anywhere before the next morning, taking your shirt off and then leaving it on sofa instead of putting or hanging it in the cupboard or other ones of its proper place, having your dinner sometimes at 9, sometimes at 10 and sometimes even at 11 in the evening even when you return home from your office at 8 PM on daily basis, leaving the gas tank of your car empty at night when you could easily get it filled on the way home and when this is the only car you have and accordingly you may need it at midnight in case of an emergency, not emptying your garbage bin for days even when it is full of junk and you only need to go a few steps to empty it, not polishing your shoes in the evening when you know that you need to leave early in the morning for an important job and you will wear those shoes, not reaching for most of your appointments on time, not completing your tasks on time, not arriving at your job on time, spending more or much more than your income, not following a proper daily routine of eating, bathing, working, relaxing and many other such things will be classified under lack of discipline.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari