Laziness 01

Wisdom 020

Laziness is one such bad habit or trait which alone can take most of the good things away from you as it goes against the basic law of success which says that in order to achieve success in most of spheres of your life you need three things which are strong desire, due effort and luck or sufficient positive energy. With laziness, one of these three important factors goes away directly whereas the other two are also weakened in an indirect way or so to say, in a subconscious way and here is how it all happens.

Starting with the direct one which is nothing else but effort and which is directly affected by laziness since laziness is the direct opposite as well as the strongest enemy of effort. The lazier you are the lesser efforts you do and accordingly, the lesser are the chances that you will achieve success in your life since one of the necessary ingredients of success is missing now and without due hard work or effort, it is very difficult to achieve anything in your life. All your positive energy or good karmas can only ensure that if you try a particular thing, they will make you succeed but here again, you have to try first and as laziness increases, you tend to try the least or not try at all, and so you lose each and every chance of achieving good things in your life.

Positive energy gained by doing good karmas works like the financial savings that you may have gathered after earning and saving money. If you have big amounts of financial savings with you, you can buy or get many wonderful things in your life with the help of this money. But in order to do so, you will first need to mark that thing and then do the effort in order to get that thing and even though you are almost sure to get such a thing since you have all the money it takes to get that thing, you will still need to do efforts and nothing will come to you without effort even though you may have enough money to get many things. For example, in order to buy a new car, a new house or even the items of daily need for yourself, you will need the money required to buy these things and at the same time, you will need to put in the due effort in order to get these things. First you will need to make a list of the things that you wish to buy or get and then you will need to do more effort in order to get these things even after having all the money to afford these things.

With your money, you can buy a membership to the best gym in your town but you are not going to get a good physique until you work hard in order to get it. You can buy all types of good clothes, shoes, perfumes and all other such things (even buying them needs effort) since you have good amount of money with you, but you will still need to wear and use them properly in order to look good and you are not going to look good just because they are lying in your cupboard and you are acting like all lazy. In the same way, the positive energy gained through good karmas can make sure that if you wish to achieve something, you are able to achieve that thing when you try to achieve it. But without doing effort to achieve something, most of the things will stay out of your reach even if you have good amount of positive energy gained through good karmas. Hence you will need to get rid of laziness if you wish to achieve good things in your life because all your potential, all your strong desires and all your good karmas will come to nothing if you do not do the required effort to achieve something that you wish to achieve.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari