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Taking examples from real life once again, it is fairly easy to observe and understand that even though all of the most successful people in this world like movie starts, singers, sportsmen, politicians, rich people and other such people are certainly blessed with a lot of good luck or they have tons of positive energy by virtue of their good karmas, but they still have to put in their due effort in order to achieve success and then maintain it. If Al Pacino stops working in movies or if he stops doing anything for that matter, his money and fame is only going to diminish with the passage of time since he is not earning anything new. Likewise a champion player can only be at the top and earn tons of money as long as he is playing or putting in his due effort and if he stops playing even when he can play, no one is going to pay him money or respect. Hence the value of your effort is of great importance and without effort you will not gain anything significant in your life.

Looking at the other two factors needed for success, laziness will indirectly affect the desire factor also as with more physical laziness coming to you, this laziness will slowly but surely shift to your mind and mentality also which means that you will start being lazy even in the case of putting in strong desire for something. This happens due to the reason that through conscious physical laziness that you have been practicing, your subconscious mind gets this message that you are not capable of achieving anything significant as you are not willing to put in the required effort due to your laziness and accordingly, your subconscious mind starts preventing you from having strong desires also as your subconscious mind knows that there is no point in raising such desires. The conscious effect of this process is a feeling that you get and that says something like, ‘why wish for big things when you know that you cannot achieve them’. Hence the virus has come from your conscious activities and it has now affected your subconscious mind also and the antivirus in this case can also be executed through the conscious mind and conscious efforts only and I will tell you how, later in this topic.

Moving on to the third and last important factor required for success where this effort is called luck, good karmas or positive energy, it is a no brainer that a lazy person will engage in fewer number of karmas whether good or bad since such a person does not want to do much of anything and accordingly the amount of positive energy that he can gain for himself by means of doing good karmas decreases which means lesser supply or very little supply of more positive energy to him. On the other hand, whatever positive energy he has already gained, it is continuously being spent by him in order to afford such lazy life because even if he does not do much he still needs all the basic things like food and other things of daily need in order to survive and live a life and as you already know by now, all such things will come at the expense of positive energy already earned by this person. Hence the positivity of this person also starts decreasing and accordingly his chances of achieving success start becoming lesser and lesser.

So if you ever want to achieve any significant thing or things in your life, always remember that you cannot afford the luxury of laziness and hence you should stay miles and miles away from it. If by chance, you already have this negative trait in your personality at the time of reading this article and you want to get rid of it but you don’t know how to do this in the most effective way or ways, I will mention few simple but surely working techniques to win over this negative trait of your personality and I will do it, once again by telling the exact mechanism of how such tricks work.

As always, before knowing the treatments for this disease called laziness, let’s first get to know as to where does this problem actually live in your body or in your personality and accordingly, which part of your body or personality, we will need to treat. Through conscious acts of laziness repeated over a period of time, your conscious mind has given strong messages to your subconscious mind that you don’t want to do much physical work and hence your conscious mind does not want the support of your subconscious mind when it comes to putting in lots of physical effort or any physical effort, to start with. Your subconscious mind has stored this message and accordingly it stops motivating you to do any type of work and on the contrary, it starts discouraging you when you need to put in big effort for something big that you want to achieve. Through your conscious senses and thinking this message will come to you as a type of intuition, gut feeling or fear which may say something like ‘you will not be able to achieve this big thing even if you try your best, so why try even’ and even though you think that you are smart enough in following your intuition by not engaging in this big thing, you have actually been fooled by your subconscious mind, by virtue of your laziness.

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Himanshu Shangari

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