Learn the Art of Adaptation

Wisdom 006

Some of you will be surprised to know that even the strongest of the people have their own weaknesses and sometimes they can be even weaker than an average person, in a given situation. But they have still learnt the art of being very strong and the reason is that they do not run away from admitting to their weaknesses and on the contrary they pay close attention to every weakness of theirs and they then try to remove it, improve it or else learn to live with it. This way, they either come out of that weakness or they know that they are weak at certain specific things or situations and hence they try to find other ways to make up for that weakness until they have won it over. So don’t run away from admitting to your weaknesses, keep them closer to your heart more than your strengths as your weaknesses need closer attentions and not the strengths for your strengths do not need much improvement in most of the cases.

Likewise, even the most beautiful looking people have flaws but they are still known as most beautiful for the reason that they are well aware of their flaws and they have learnt the art of dealing with their flaws, effectively. In the same way, the wisest people are not the ones who do not make mistakes, oh yes they do make mistakes, but they are the ones who do not run away from their mistakes, they pay close attention to them, learn important lessons from them and then move on and don’t repeat the same mistakes again. So get ready to acknowledge negative traits and things in your life, if you want to be more positive because, in order to get rid of those negative things, you will first need to know them and then learn how to deal with them. This is the only way to improve yourself and this has to be your way if you want to improve and you want to be stronger, wiser and more beautiful.

No one is perfect in this world and everyone has their own flaws and imperfections, including even the most perfect looking people in the world. You are not looking for a relationship, if you are looking for perfect people, and you are only fooling yourself as nobody is perfect. You should always remember that understanding, adjusting and adapting are the essentials which make a relationship work. Even the best of the people can have worst of the moments when they may look very weak, intolerable or completely unjust, but you should try and adjust with them as you are the one who is going to enjoy their company as well as other fruits, when they are at their best and hence you owe them this much.

And if you are not willing to adjust, when someone is at their worst, you simply do not deserve them when they are at their best. So learn the art of understanding people and making the relations work by making adjustments. At times the Sun may seem so burning hot and harsh, but the same Sun gives life to everyone on earth and this is the same Sun that you may want more than anything else, at times. At times, the air may trouble you a lot when it takes the shape of a storm, but this is the same air which you may want more than anything else at some other times. Similarly at times, a person may look very irrational or irritating to you but you may simply love being with the same person at some other times.

Every good thing or person comes with its own flaws and compromises which you need to understand and make if you wish to learn the art of living happily. You simply cannot hate the rain because it makes you wet whenever it pours down, as the same rain is the bringer and sustainer of various forms of life on earth and all of us love it for this quality and welcome it with open hearts, even though it may have some flaws. Apply the same principal to every sphere of your life and you will see that you have started becoming happier and more relaxed and even though nothing has changed, yet everything has changed.

Learn this simple but very important fact that the change does not come from outside in most of the cases, but it comes from inside and once you have changed from inside, the resultant changes even though the conditions outside are the same. For example When a drop of water falls in mud, it becomes mud but if the same drop of water falls on a lotus, it starts shining like a Pearl whereas if the same drop of water falls into the mouth of an oyster, it actually becomes a pearl. Even though the drop of water is the same in all the cases, but the result is quite different in each case depending upon who receives this drop of water.

The world outside will act like this drop of water in many cases and whether you want to be a stack of mud, a lotus or an oyster, is your choice. But always remember that if you wish to collect pearls of knowledge, success and love through the outside world, you will first need to become an oyster from inside as there is no other way you are going to receive those pearls. You simply cannot afford to be a stack of mud if you wish to collect pearls.

Himanshu Shangari