Leaving things Incomplete 01

Many of you may have observed that there are some people who are not as lazy as it needs to be called lazy in general, but they have a habit of leaving things incomplete. These people have a habit of doing things in not a very polished and furnished way and they are just happy with doing the core part of most of the things and then they don’t bother for polishing and furnishing of such things or jobs. For example, you may have seen some people who will start a project on work, complete it as much as 70% to 80% or even more and then let it hang for a comparatively longer period of time or they complete this project but they do not submit it for a comparatively long period of time or when they complete the project, they do not present it in a very organized way even though they may have made a very good project.

Similarly, you may have seen people who are good or very good at cooking delicious food but they don’t bother much about how to serve it properly and in a decorated way like this food deserves to be served, the people who set 2 Km run on the treadmill and then stop at 1.8 or 1.9 Km, the people who get off a machine when the calorie reading is 295 or 395 instead of completing 300 or 400, the people who take up the job of mountain climbing but return from 70% or 80% of the way, the people who have a beautiful house but they do not maintain it properly and hence things can be found here and there instead of being in their proper place, people who wear good clothes and shoes but do not care much about body odor or bad smelling mouth, people who many times leave some of their food uneaten and then thrown to the bin, people who often forget to carry some very important things with them like a driving license and regret or suffer later, and many other such people.

Such people suffer from a specific type of laziness which can be called careless attitude, not finishing their jobs properly or by some other names also and due to this negative trait in their personality, they become less dependable in many cases and in some cases, it becomes very difficult to deal with them if this habit reaches its peak and you see them doing most of the things in an incomplete or in an irresponsible manner. Even though some of you may think that this habit is not likely to cause much damage to a person but in many cases, this negative trait alone is capable of breaking a good relation, preventing big things or big achievements from coming to you and causing many other losses in many other spheres of your life and therefore it is important to take care of this negative habit in due time as otherwise this negative habit may cause serious damages in the long run.

Looking at some more examples in order to understand this problem in a better way, you will notice that most of such people start doing such things right from the comfort of their home. Whenever such people will come home from job or from someplace else, they will throw their clothes here and there instead of putting or hanging them in their proper place and such clothes will keep on lying here and there for many hours and sometimes for a couple of days and likewise, they will also throw their shoes around and not bother for them until they need them next. If you look into their bathrooms, you will find that many such clothing items are hanging there which are not worn in bathroom and which have no job in bathroom and you will also find that, there are probably many toothbrushes including old and damaged toothbrushes which have not been thrown out, many bottles of shampoo and other such products where once again some of them look too old to be used and you can simply understand that all such products are waiting to be thrown to the bin, but they are still in the queue.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari