Negative Attitude 02

Wisdom 013

The essence of all these examples is that such people will always look for negative traits in people, things and places instead of looking for the positive ones and many of them are good at spotting the negative traits only and they don’t bother much for finding the positive traits of same people, things or places. This is once again due to the fact that through conscious practice of engaging in negative attitude, they have written a script on their subconscious mind that they only want to look for negative things in people, things and places and accordingly their subconscious mind helps them only when they are trying to spot drawbacks or weaknesses of people, things or places and since they have the support of their subconscious mind, they are exceptionally good at finding negative traits among people, things and places as all they really want to see are negative traits and accordingly they see negative traits only.

One more interesting fact about such people with negative attitude is that many times, the negative trait that they are seeing in a person, thing or place may not actually be present in such person, thing or place and they are only perceiving that such a person, thing or place has that negative trait and for this reason such people may be able to build mountains of negativity or negative traits out of a mole of negativity or even when there is no such mole present. So if you ask these people to find and tell 5 bad things about a person, thing or place, they will do so with much ease in most of the cases whereas on the other hand, if you ask these people to find and tell 5 good things about a person, thing or place, you will find that they are really struggling hard in finding those 5 things and some of them may not be able to succeed even after their best conscious effort.

Another worth mentioning feature of such personalities with negative attitude is that many times they will speak or communicate with a negative clause in their sentences when they could have simply done it with a simple positive sentence. For example, if they are asked a choice between tea and coffee, they will say something like, I will have coffee as I don’t like tea whereas a person with a positive attitude will simply say, I will have coffee. Likewise they can be found using other negative phrases like, I will not be home today instead of saying I will be outside today, out of these two cars I like the red one as I don’t like green color instead of simply saying I like the red one more, don’t you want to come with me instead of simply saying come with me or do you want to come with me, I will watch a movie as I don’t like watching football instead of simply saying I will watch a movie, and many other sentences like these where these people may have done well with simple positive sentences but they chose to put some negative clause in most of their sentences.

The reason once again is their negative attitude which wants to find bad in people, things and places and accordingly even if they like something or they want to do something, they may add a clause which says that they do not like or they do not want to do something else when this something else may not be needed in that sentence. These people have written such a strong script of finding bad in people and finding ways to complain and criticize that their subconscious mind will continuously keep on working to insert negative clauses even in their sentences, and if any one of you have reached such a stage where even most of the simple sentences are coming negative out of your mouth, you really need some hard work to do in order to get out of such a strong negative attitude.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari