Negative Attitude 03

Wisdom 013

Such is the power of a true negative attitude and this is why such an attitude is one of the biggest problems that one may face while moving forward with his life and while achieving good things in various spheres of his life. Such people are especially likely to do bad or very bad in human relations as they keep on finding faults with others human beings who are in touch or in relation with them due to which the other people start avoiding them sooner or later.

There are various other branches of this habit of negative attitude and some of them are, not trusting other people and even the very near ones, doubting most of the people and then even doubting yourself, criticizing other people a lot, finding ways to complain in various spheres of your life on account of one excuse or the other and other such negative traits which are basically all rooted in this bigger problem of negative attitude and hence in order to treat any one of these negative traits mentioned above, we will need to treat the root of these habits which is negative attitude.

As these people have serious lack of trust, it becomes very difficult for them to trust most of the people who come in touch with them in various spheres of their life and accordingly they do very poor at human relations as if you are not able to trust most of the people around you, you will never be able to open up with them and you will never be able to start doing something big with them or something big through them as you always keep on doubting that they will cheat you or ditch you at one point or the other. Hence you keep yourself restricted and accordingly you start pushing other people away from you and sooner or later most of the people who come in touch with you, start feeling uncomfortable with you and they will move away from you since you are not able to give them the trust they deserve which almost no one likes.

Such people always keep on trying to find the ways to complain against someone or something and this is one more problem which makes it difficult for them to succeed as the attitude of excessive complaining and excessive criticism will ultimately drive most of the good people away from them since no good person likes to be criticized again and again for the things or situations where he did not do much wrong or anything wrong at all, so to say. Such a habit is especially very destructive when it comes to human relations and especially in case of love affairs and marriages as the other person involved in the equation gets tired of continuous complaints made by such a person, continuous doubts raised by such a person and excessive criticism done by such a person and finally the partner of such a person suffering from this habit of negative attitude moves away from him, in most of such cases. And therefore, if you have this habit of negative attitude whether it is strong at this point or it has just gained some strength, it is important to start treating it and getting rid of it as it will eventually close all the doors of this world for you.

Looking at some techniques or activities which may come handy when you start treating this habit of negative attitude, we should once again look at the root cause of this problem at first and then take appropriate steps to start treating this problem from its roots with the help of some real easy activities.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari