Negative Attitude

Wisdom 013

Negative attitude or negative mindset is one of the biggest hurdles in your path to success in your profession, maintaining a relationship and many other spheres of your life and hence it needs to be treated with utmost urgency if you know or find out that you have a negative mindset or negative attitude or a negative way of looking at most of the things. A negative attitude will keep on making the conscious mind as well as the subconscious mind, more and more negative and accordingly it will keep on taking everything away from you or so to say, it will keep on making everything and everyone go away from you, as no good things as well as no good people can come to or stay with a person full of negative attitude.

An interesting fact about people with negative attitude is that many times such people themselves do not know that they are suffering from this problem and instead they may think of their acts or attitude as a bit too classy one or they may think that they are comparatively reserved or choosy in nature but not negative in attitude. If such is the case with anyone of you and you are not able to decide whether you are suffering from this problem of negative attitude or not, let me help you out in deciding, with the help of some guidelines and examples.

The most prominent feature of the personality of the people with a negative attitude is that when they look at people or things, most of the times they will look at their flaws first and their first opinion or outlook about such people or things will be negative. It should be noted here that almost all the people as well as all the things on this earth have good as well as bad characteristics though some of them may have more good ones and some others may have more bad ones. A person with a positive attitude will almost always first look at or spot the positive qualities or characteristics of a person or a thing whereas a person with a negative attitude will almost always spot the negative characteristic of a person or a thing and some of these people are so good at being negative that they will be able to spot a negative trait of a person or a thing at first look or in their first response, even if it is the only negative trait that this person or thing may have. This proves the line which says that you always find what you truly look for and these people look for negative traits in people and things, with all their heart, conscious mind and subconscious mind, and accordingly they find negative things only.

And let’s know look at some real life examples in order to understand this negative trait in a better way. In real life, you will often hear people with negative attitude saying things like, look that woman is wearing an out of fashion dress even though the woman may be looking beautiful in that dress, that guy standing in that corner has a bad taste in shoes even though the guy may otherwise be looking handsome, look this new car has some dirt on its bumper even though the car may be otherwise clean, that girl is not wearing a matching pair of shoes, that guy does not know how to shave properly, this park is so noisy even though it may be a very beautiful park, these kids should not play in front of our house even though it’s a common place and all kids play there, that woman is too short, that guy is too tall, your grandma speaks too much, your grandpa speaks too little, your brother smiles too much, your sister smiles too little, the food is somewhat less salty, the water is a bit too cold and millions of other such things.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari