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Some people belonging to some specific school of thoughts believe that there is no such thing as the concept of rebirth and every soul is born on this physical world, only once. If such beliefs are considered true then there are many questions regarding the birth and life of every human being which are not answered in a proper way and some of them may not be answered at all. For example, if the theory of rebirth based on Karmas of past lives does not exists then many questions arise like why in the world, one person is born to a king and on the other hand another person is born to a beggar or a very poor man. Why is it so that one person enjoys all the pleasures and luxuries for most of his life whereas another person suffers various types of miseries throughout his life. Why a person is able to enjoy a very good health for most of his life whereas another person suffers from various physical ailments or diseases right from his birth or from a very young age. Why a person is very religious, spiritual or charitable whereas another person enjoys engaging in deeds which only bother and trouble other people. There are so many other questions like this which are not answered without believing in the theory of rebirth which is again based on karmas of past lives as well as the resolutions taken during such past lives.

To know answer to the questions mentioned above and to know answers to many other such types of questions, it becomes essential to take guidance from Hindu Vedas and Shastras as well as from the philosophy of various religious and spiritual scholars who have delivered very important and valuable lessons from time to time. The Vedas and Shastras of Hindu religion tell that the present life of every human being is related and associated to his past lives due to which every human being’s present life is decided mainly by virtue of his past life karmas and resolutions as well as by virtue of his present life karmas and resolutions. Likewise, our present life karmas are not only modifying the shape of our present life but they are also giving shape to our future lives.

The land of India has always held a special place for Spiritualism, Vedic Astrology and the theory of Karmas and various people have benefitted from such beliefs from time to time. A question comes to the mind of many people believing in such concepts, from time to time, as to what are the possible reasons for the rebirth of a person and why is a soul or a person subjected to a chain of birth after birth. In today’s article, we will discuss the possible answers to this question which asks about the reasons for rebirth of a specific soul on this earth.

To start with this discussion, it should be noted that there are mainly two known reasons for which a soul comes to this earth again and again through a chain of rebirths. The first one of these reasons is the fact that every soul has to take a new life in order to settle the karmic account of the good karmas as well as the bad karmas done by him during his previous lives and the second reason is the resolutions taken by a soul during his previous life or lives and such resolutions force such soul to take birth again and again. Through this article we will look into the facts as to how and why a specific soul tied to the concepts of settlement of good and bad karmas of past lives as well as tied to the concept of resolutions, comes to this earth again and again in new shapes and forms.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari