Reasons for Rebirth 02

Wisdom 011

Let’s first deal with the concept of good and bad karmas due to which a soul has to take many births. In order to understand this concept in a better way, let’s first understand as to what are good karmas and what are bad karmas. The exact definition of good karmas and bad karmas can be mind boggling some times and at times, it can become very difficult to separate a good karma from a bad karma even for an expert in this field but even then, good and bad karmas can be identified with a simple rule, most of the times. For the convenience of an average reader, it should be understood that any karma done by a person which benefits other people is a good karma whereas any karma done by a person which troubles or bothers other people, without any just reason, is a bad karma. For example, if someone is helping a needy or troubled person, it is a good karma whereas if someone is putting other people in troubles in order to achieve gains for himself, it is a bad karma.

After understanding the basic definition of good and bad karmas, let us now see as to how a soul tied to a chain of good and bad karmas done by him in his past lives, comes to this earth in a new birth in order to settle the account of those good and bad karmas. Starting with bad karmas, whenever a soul or a person engages in bad karmas, he may have to take another birth in order to face the punishment for those bad karmas. For example, someone may have troubled their wife throughout their life or he may have caused pains to many people in order to get financial or other benefits for himself or he may have even killed one or more than one person for some selfish motive. All the above mentioned karmas as well as many other types of bad karmas done by a soul, force him to come to this earth again and face the results of those bad karmas.

It should be noted here that due to many combinations and limitations, it is not always possible to punish a soul for his bad karmas during the same birth and in such cases a soul has to take one or more than one births in order to face punishment for such bad karmas. When a soul takes a new birth in order to settle the account of his past life bad karmas, such soul engages in more and fresh bad karmas in such new life due to his natural tendency to do more bad karmas, and these new bad karmas push him towards a further new birth. This way this chain goes on and on and a soul trapped in the whirlwind of taking new births in order to settle bad karmas of past lives and then doing more bad karmas in those new lives causing even more rebirths, takes births again and again and this process goes on and on.

After understanding as to how the bad karmas done by a soul can push him towards many new births, let’s now try to understand as to how good karmas done by a soul can trap him in the cycle of rebirths. Some people are amazed at the mere idea that even good karmas are the cause of rebirth because such people believe that good karmas will always liberate a soul which is not the case, always. Let’s try to understand this concept with the help of some examples. Suppose a person in any one of his births, has given a big donation to a temple or he has done some great job for the welfare of that temple and all the time while he was doing such good karma, he had asked for some specific wish or fruit which should be granted as a result of this particular good karma of serving the temple.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari