Reasons for Rebirth 04

Wisdom 011

Sometimes, some people ask me that according to this theory, if we can do a good karma without any desire for the result of such karma and such karma does not push us towards a new life as it becomes Nishkaam Karma, then it is also logical that we do a bad karma without any wish or desire for the result of such karma and such bad karma should also not push us to a new birth because such bad karma has also been done without any interest for the result or in other words, such bad karma will also act like a Nishkaam Karma. Well, this is just a misconception and nothing else and this is the time we should understand that only a good karma done without any desire for result can become Nishkaam Karma and a bad karma cannot be a Nishkaam karma even if it has been done without any desire for the result.

In order to understand this concept in a better way, let’s suppose that someone has taken a financial loan from a bank and now for some reason this person thinks that he will get out of this loan if he does not show any desire or wish to pay this loan. But this is only a misconception in the mind of this person and nothing more because if you have taken a loan, it is not in your authority to exempt yourself from paying that loan back as this authority lies reserved with the bank which has given you the loan. By giving himself such nonsense exemption and not paying the loan back to the bank, this person will only invite more troubles as the bank will initiate a suing action against him. Hence if you have taken a loan, you will have to pay it or you should face the consequences.

Bad karmas done by us are like karmic loans which have to be settled either by facing punishments set for such bad karmas or by doing specific type of good karmas which can serve as karmic installments towards the payment of such karmic loans and in both of these cases, a soul has to take new birth in order to settle such karmic loans. On the other hand, the rewards or results for the good karmas done by us are like our earnings or savings and as we all know, everyone is free to do whatever they wish to do with their earnings or savings because now they have the authority to decide as to what should be done with that income whether it is financial or it is karmic.

Hence every soul has a right to forsake the reward of good karmas done by him just like everyone has a right to do work without pay and everyone has a right to donate their salary or income towards any cause because this is the fruit of their labor and they are authorized to do whatever they wish to do with it. It should again be understood that we cannot choose to not pay our loans and get away with it but we can choose to do whatever we wish with our profits and income. The same holds true in karmic domain due to which the results of good karmas can be forsaken by not wishing for the rewards of such good karmas but results of bad karmas cannot be forsaken as we are not authorized to forsake them and we will have to pay for them, even if we have to keep on taking birth after birth in the process.

To conclude the theory of rebirth on the basis of good and bad karmas, it should be understood that in the journey of a soul towards the final liberation, good karmas with desire for rewards are as much of a burden as much are the bad karmas because both of them do the same thing which is to make you take more and more births which keeps you further and further away from your final liberation which is the state where you do not have to take any more births under some compulsion. The philosophy of one of the worlds greatest divine souls, Swami Vivekananda says that Bad karmas forge fetters (shackles) of iron to your soul whereas good karmas forge fetters of gold to your soul, but fetters are fetters, which means that both bad as well as good karmas will put hindrance in your path to final liberation. Hence in order to achieve final liberation, bad karmas should be avoided altogether whereas good karmas with desire for results should be avoided and only Nishkaam karmas should be done.

Moving ahead with this article, we will discuss as to how the resolutions taken by a soul in his present life can subject him to the cycle of rebirths.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari