Reasons for Rebirth 05

Wisdom 015

In the previous article I had explained as to how a soul takes many births in order to settle the account of good as well as bad karmas done by such soul in his previous lives. In this article we will consider one more strong reason for rebirth and this reason can make most of the souls come to his earth again and again in order to look for and achieve the things which they wanted to achieve in their past life or past lives, but they could not do so due to various reasons. Before moving on to this reason, let me mention here that there are in total three reasons which become the cause of sending a soul to this earth again and again and among these three reasons the first two reasons have already been discussed in the previous article. The first reason is the punishment for bad karmas done in past lives which has to be accounted for in this life and the second reason comes in the form of various rewards for good karmas done by a soul in his previous life where such good karmas were done with a desire for fruit and such desires cause this soul to take birth again and again in order to claim those rewards.

The third and final reason for a soul to come on this earth again and again is called resolution or desire. It means that apart from coming to this earth in order to settle the account of good and bad karmas, a soul takes many births in order to achieve various things, to accomplish various goals or to engage in relationship with some other specific soul or souls. All of these things or people to be achieved in these lives are the ones which a soul in question desired in his previous life or in many previous lives. Such a soul kept on trying to achieve these objectives but he could not achieve them at all or he could not achieve them up to a level of his satisfaction, due to one reason or the other. Hence this soul has a strong and unfulfilled desire for achieving such things or people and this strong desire becomes the cause for this soul to come to this earth again and again until such desires have been completely fulfilled and erased from the ‘To do list’ of this soul.

The desire element is a very strong reason for rebirth and in some cases it can make a soul take many births in order to fulfill a single wish or desire as such desire may require many other factors to be present, in order to be fulfilled and these factors may take many lives to come together. Before moving on with this explanation, it should be noted here that in the system of nature, each and every desire of a soul is fulfilled unless a specific soul does conscious effort to erase or delete a desire from his list in which case such desires are removed from the list of desires to be fulfilled, even though it may take a long time and much conscious effort in order to do so.

Doesn’t it all sound very surprising and pleasing at the same time that the system of nature tries to fulfill each and every wish that we make. It may be surprising but it is absolutely true though some terms and conditions apply here also, like they apply in case of many other situations in the time and age of today. As soon as a person gives birth to a desire, it is listed by nature and as this person keeps on repeating or working for this desire, it keeps on becoming stronger and stronger in the system of nature and accordingly the system of nature marks this desire as a must fulfill desire of yours. And though it may look like a blessing till this time but this same fact can act as a curse in many cases and it can make a soul take many births in order to fulfill this desire and even then this desire may not be fulfilled to the complete satisfaction of this soul.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari