Reasons for Rebirth 06

Wisdom 015

According to the system of nature if you wish to achieve anything, you can do so provided you meet some conditions which are compulsory to be met in order for such a thing to come to you. The first condition is a desire to achieve such a thing, the second one is the amount of positive energy or good karmas that you need in order to get this thing and the third one is the amount of effort that you need to put in order to achieve this thing when you already meet the first two conditions in a satisfactory manner. In practical language, in order to achieve something, you need the desire to achieve, necessary effort to achieve and luck or opportunity working in your favor. This third factor of luck mentioned here is nothing but a resultant of your good or bad karmas which means that good karmas bring good luck to you which increases the chances of achieving a specific thing whereas bad karmas bring bad luck to you which can keep you away from achieving a specific thing even though you may have strong desire and necessary effort to achieve this thing. Hence you have to meet all three of these conditions in order to achieve a thing, in a way which is authorized and supported by the rules of nature.

But when it comes to get in touch or achieve a specific soul or a person, there is one more condition that needs to be met in addition to all of the above mentioned conditions and this condition comes in the form of consent of the second soul or person involved in this equation. The system of nature puts very strong emphasis on free will of every soul and accordingly it respects the free will of every soul to the greatest extent. It means that even if you have a very strong desire to achieve a person or a soul, you are doing the best of your efforts and you even have tons of good karmas in your karmic account, this wish may still be refused or kept in pending list until the second soul in question agrees to become involved with you. Granting free will to every soul in this universe is one of the basic rules of nature and this rule cannot be broken or amended for anyone.

Yes, you can take the help of forceful practices in order to achieve the company of such a soul in question, but such practices are not authorized as legal in the system of nature and accordingly they qualify as very bad karmas for which you are bound to be punished severely at a proper time and hence such practices should be avoided. Coming back to the topic, in case of achieving the company of a specific soul in one or more than one lives, the primary condition is the free will consent of both of these souls in questions as nature will put a stamp of approval on such a relation only if both the souls are willing to engage with each other.

Taking an example to simplify this concept, suppose that you have developed a strong desire to marry a particular girl in any one of your lives and let’s say in this life. Now as you start getting more and more attracted to this girl and your desire starts becoming stronger and stronger, such a strong desire creates a new job for your soul as well as for nature and as your desire is very strong, the priority for this job has also become very high. You keep on trying to get this girl with all your heart and mind but the problem lies in the fact that this girl is not attracted much to you and accordingly she does not want to engage with you, in the type of relation that you want with this girl. As more and more time goes by, your desire as well as efforts keep on intensifying but the result is still the same as the free will of this girl is not in accordance with your desire.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari