Reasons for Rebirth 07

Wisdom 016

Free will of every soul is of supreme importance for nature and accordingly it never interferes with the free will of anyone. This fact could be best understood by considering the scenario that even when a soul wishes to engage in bad or very bad karmas with all his free will, the system of nature allows this soul to engage in such bad karmas even though such bad karmas are likely to cause problems for the positive balance of nature. Even then, such a soul and every soul for that matter is not stopped from engaging in any type of activity or karma as nature has granted the right to execute free will to each and every soul even though some souls may abuse this right and engage in bad karmas. The system of nature will never interfere with their free will even though it will impose relevant punishments on such souls for engaging in such bad karmas and disturbing the positive balance of nature.

Coming back to the topic, as the free will of this girl is not in accordance with your desire at this time, there are only two solutions left now. The first solution says that you should forsake this desire where such forsaking does not mean that after trying your best, you stop all the efforts to get this girl but deep down you always think about this girl as in this case the desire is still there. In order to forsake the desire for this girl, you have to forget her completely and not worry or think about her any longer which is a very difficult thing to do for most of the people and accordingly it is a less likely solution and so it leads us to the second solution.

The second solution says that you should keep on trying until the time the free will of this girl comes in accordance with your desire so that the two of you may get together and this wish may be deleted from your soul as well as from the system of nature. And as you have opted for this trying and waiting game whether consciously or subconsciously, it creates a pendency on your soul as well as in the system of nature and accordingly you will need to come back to this earth once again in order to fulfill this unfulfilled wish of yours, if you are not able to fulfill this wish in this present lifetime.

The system of nature even though does not interfere with the free will of this girl but it tries to help you achieve your wish at the same time. It means that in the next life, the system of nature will plan your birth in such times and conditions that you will once again have the chance of getting in touch with this girl. In this life, even though you do not know that you had wanted this girl with all your heart in your previous life, but you still feel strongly attracted to this girl like it is love at first sight and this attraction becomes very strong in a very short period of time. This is due to the reason that this attraction had already reached its peak in your previous life and your soul as well as your subconscious mind has a record of that. So when you come in contact with this girl in your next life, you carry on from the same point from where you left in your previous life and accordingly you start trying to get this girl with all your heart and mind.

Now two outcomes are possible in this situation where the first outcome says that this girl also gets attracted to you and she gives her free will consent to be in a relation with you and in this case you will not need to take one more birth by virtue of this desire as this desire has been fulfilled now. But in case of second outcome, the free will of this girl may once again not fall in line with your desire and hence she may not wish to engage in a relationship with you, even in this life. As a result, your wish remains unfulfilled even in this life and at the same time, it has become even stronger as you have exhibited much desire and effort in this life also.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari