Reasons for Rebirth 08

Wisdom 017

This strong and unfulfilled desire brings you back to life once more and once again the system of nature helps you by sending you on this earth at times and situations which bring you in contact with this girl, in this new life of yours. Once again the same process follows and if you are able to get this girl, this desire is fulfilled whereas if you are once again unable to get this girl due to her free will not coming in accordance with your desire, you are scheduled for one more birth as this desire still remains unfulfilled. This keeps going on and on until a life comes when either the free will of this girl comes in accordance with your desire or you choose to forsake this desire completely. The second choice is rarely practiced by any soul since no soul likes to forsake a desire for which it has waited and tried for many lives. Hence you keep on taking birth after birth until in one of your lives, this wish is fulfilled and you don’t have to take one more birth in order to fulfill this desire.

Let’s now take another example from a different sphere of our lives in order to better understand the important and role of desire element, in the process of rebirths. Let’s assume that a person in his present life wants to become a very famous movie star and he starts doing efforts for it. In this case, the desire element is there and this person has started doing efforts also even though both of these elements may not be as strong as strong may be required in order to become a famous movie start, but they are still there. With the passage of time the desire of this person as well as the efforts of this person to become a big movie start keep on intensifying and this is where the third factor of luck or karma comes into play.

Since achieving big fame and money needs great amount of positive energy or rewards which can be earned primarily through engaging in more and more good karmas, hence this desire of becoming a big movie star depends a great deal on the amount of positive energy that he carries by virtue of good karmas done in past life as well as in this life. If this person has sufficient amount of good karmas or positive energy which is required to become a big movie star, his efforts will start bringing results and he will achieve what he wishes and in this case the equation does demand one more life for this wish since it has been fulfilled.

But if this person does not have sufficient positive energy or good karmas which are essential for becoming a big movie star, he will not be able to become a big movie star despite all his desire and efforts. In this case, this desire remains unfulfilled and hence such an unfulfilled desire brings this person to this earth once again and in this life also, this person develops a strong desire of becoming a big movie star right from his early age. This is due to the fact that such desires are the attribute of the soul and hence they cannot simply go away once a person dies and instead they keep on appearing life after life until they have been fulfilled in a specific life.

So this person once again starts working towards becoming a big movie star and let’s say that in this life, this person has good amount of positive energy or good karmas but even then this positive energy is not sufficient to completely grant him what he wants. Hence in this case, the efforts of this person will bring fruits and he will become a movie star but not as big or famous as he wanted to be. The star status of this person will correspond to a status which can be achieved with the help of good karmas or positive energy that he has. So if this person has a stock of positive energy which can take him to the status of a movie star which falls in B or C category, this person will achieve that status with his efforts and he will achieve nothing more than that even though he may keep on trying harder and harder. B category of movie stars includes the movie stars who are not the most famous ones but who come just after the most famous ones and likewise the movie stars belonging to C category come just after the movies stars belonging to B category.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari