Reasons for Rebirth 09

Wisdom 017

Let’s take an example from real life in order to make this concept easy to understand. Many of us use credit cards and they come with reward points and likewise there are many other types of memberships which offer reward points each time you shop or spend through such cards. As you keep on shopping through these cards, you keep on gathering more and more reward points and then a time comes when you want to make use of these reward points. All such companies offer various types of rewards and you can collect any reward that you want provided you have sufficient number of reward points in order to get that reward.

So if you want a luxury watch showing on the reward catalogue as your reward and that luxury watch says you need fifty thousand reward points in order to get it, if you have already earned those fifty thousand reward points, that watch is yours anytime. But if you have lesser number of reward points, say forty thousand reward points, you will either need to wait until the time you earn ten thousand more reward points or you will have to settle for another reward which comes within forty thousand reward points. This is exactly how it works in real life, you earn reward points through good karmas and then you get the rewards that you want or wanted in this life or in your previous life.

Coming back to the example of the soul that wants to be a big move start, even though the desire of this soul has been partially fulfilled but this soul does not want to compromise and he keeps on developing even stronger desire and effort to become an A class movie star. This person dies with this strong desire which remains unfulfilled and hence this unfulfilled desire makes him come to this earth once again. In this new life, this person once again develops a strong conscious desire of becoming an A class movie star and he starts doing effort to fulfill this desire. Here again two things can happen where first one of them is a situation that this person now may have gathered the specific amount of positive energy or good karmas required to achieve the status of an A class movie star and accordingly this person gets this status after making efforts for it. Hence this desire of this soul is fulfilled and the file is closed.

But in the in the second case, it may happen once again that this person does not have sufficient amount of positive energy which can grant him the status of an A class movie star and hence he may not be able to achieve such a status, even in this life. If the positive energy gathered by this person is sufficient to grant him the status of a B class movie star, he will achieve that status and nothing more than that. In this case, this person once again dies with an unfulfilled desire of becoming an A class movie star and accordingly he takes one more birth in order to fulfill this desire.

This cycle of keeps going on life after life until a life comes when this person has sufficient amount of good karmas or positive energy required to achieve the status of an A class movie star. This is the life which fulfills the desire of this person and he is able to achieve the status of an A class movie star and accordingly this desire is erased from the list of unfulfilled desires. This person may have to take many births in order to fulfill just this one desire due to the fact that this desire in question needs great amount of positive energy or good karmas and acquiring such great amount of positive energy can take many lives. Hence the bigger is the desire the more is the amount of positive energy or good karmas that you need in order to fulfill that desire.

Some of you may be surprised as to how many times we may have to take birth in order to fulfill a single strong desire of ours. And even though it is surprising but it is not the end as every soul has many such desires which bring him to his earth again and again and it is a common scenario in case of most of the souls that even though some of their desires have been fulfilled in a specific life, they develop many other desires in that specific life. Some of these desires get fulfilled in the same life whereas some of them are not fulfilled due to various reasons and hence such desires cause one more birth of this soul. This sequence goes on and as a result a soul trapped in the whirlpool of making more and more wishes and then achieving them, keeps on coming to this earth again and again as such a soul cannot find liberation until all of his wishes and desires have been fulfilled.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari