Reasons for Rebirth 10

Wisdom 016

The word liberation comes from the word Liberate and the world liberate means to set free and accordingly the world liberation in karmic and spiritual terms means freedom and such freedom has very deep meaning which we will discuss now. A liberated soul is a soul which is free from the conditions of births and deaths as well as from karmas and their fruits. Now pay attention that there are only three factors which bind a soul or which put conditions of being born again and again, on a soul. Among these conditions, the settlement for bad karmas is the first one, rewards or settlement for good karmas done with desire for fruits is the second one and unfulfilled desires are the third reason. If any of these reasons exist, it is very logical that a soul is not free since such a soul has willingly or unwillingly bound itself with results and conditions which cannot allow this soul to be liberated, as a bound soul can never be a free soul.

Considering the opposite scenario, when after many births and after great efforts, a soul finally stops engaging in bad karmas, one reason for rebirth is gone which means one out of the three big chains tying this soul has been untied. Likewise when this soul has achieved a stage where this soul can engage in more and more good karmas without developing a desire for the fruits of such good karmas, the second reason for rebirth is gone as the second one of the three big chains tying this soul has been untied. Finally when this soul is able to win over the illusion of developing more and more desires for various things and people, the third and the final reason for rebirth is also gone as the last one of the three big chains binding this soul has also been untied now.

And as all the chains restricting this soul have been untied, such a soul is free from the cycle of rebirths and accordingly such a soul has earned the right to be called a liberated soul or such a soul has achieved liberation. It should be noted that liberation does not mean that a soul cannot come to this earth ever again as that in itself will be one more condition, the condition which says to this soul that you cannot go to the earth now. Even if such a condition is put on a soul, it cannot be called truly liberated since the world liberated means free, free from all the conditions and boundaries. Hence the world liberation in its true sense means that such a liberated soul is not bound to come to this earth in human form under any conditions or karmas or unfulfilled desires. But at the same time, such a liberated soul is always free to come to this earth again and again, though in this case, such a decision is made by this soul itself and not by other factors of nature.

So liberation means that a soul does not have to come to this earth again and again under some unavoidable conditions and at the same time, this soul can choose to come to this earth as and when this soul wishes so. Whenever such wish is made by this soul, the system of nature starts working in order to fulfill such wish of this soul and accordingly a time and place is decided for this soul to be born again. This soul is born again on this earth just like all of us but with a very big difference and this difference is the fact that this soul is free from the results of all the good as well as bad karmas done by it in its present human form. Accordingly this soul is neither rewarded for the good karmas nor punished for the bad karmas.

Liberation is a not a state of physical body and it is a state of mind and soul. There are two types of attributes which are called physical attributes and spiritual attributes where the physical attributes are the attributes of a physical body and the spiritual attributes are the attributes of a soul. Such attributes are also called Sanskara or Sanskara. Since a physical body is temporary and it lasts only for some years, hence the attributes attached to this physical body are also temporary and they do not last permanently. Such physical attributes may include physical shape, beauty, physical health and all other such physical and materialistic things.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari