Reasons for Rebirth 03

Wisdom 011

This specific wish may be attainment of great wealth or fortune or it may be achievement of great name and fame or it may be anything else like marrying some specific female or male. Now it is not always the case that such wishes are granted straight away or even during the same lifetime. Sometimes, some wishes cannot be granted in the same life on account of various limitations and other circumstantial factors, due to which such wishes which are to be granted as the result of good karmas, are forwarded to the next life which means that this person will have to take another life in order to get the wishes which he had asked for and the wishes that he deserves as a result of his good karmas.

In such cases, such soul is subjected to rebirth and as this soul takes a new birth in order to receive the karmic rewards for his good karmas done in past life, in the process he does many more good and bad karmas and some of these karmas again push him to one more life as the fruits of some of such good or bad karmas cannot be granted in this present life. This initiates a cycle of rebirth wherein a soul comes to earth in order to settle the good and bad karmas done in his past life or lives and in the process such soul indulges in more good and bad karmas which further becomes the cause for more births. This process goes on and on and a soul keeps on taking birth after birth in order to settle his karmic debts and rewards.

It should be noted here that a soul engaging in good karmas during one of his births, will be subjected to more lives by virtue of such good karmas only if such good karmas were done with a wish or desire for the karmic rewards meant for those good karmas whether that wish is general or specific. On the other hand a soul engaging in good karmas during one of his lives will not be subjected to more births on account of such good karmas if such soul doing those good karmas willingly forsakes the karmic rewards meant for such good karmas which in simple language means that a person does good karmas without keeping any wish for the karmic rewards of such good karmas.

Such karmas are called Nishkaam karmas and Nishkam karmas do not lead to rebirths. Nishkaam means without a wish or desire and accordingly Nishkaam karma means a good karma which has been done without any wish or desire for the karmic rewards meant for such good karma. For example, if a person gives a big donation to a temple or he does some good or great job to serve a temple and at the same time, such person does not have any wish or desire for any type of karmic reward associated with this good act, such an act will be a Nishkaam karma and it will not become the cause of a rebirth. Hence good karmas can lead to rebirths only if they have been done with a desire for the rewards and not otherwise.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari