The Power of Mind

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Even though the resources will always matter to some extent and sometimes to great extents, but happiness has never been completely dependent on resources and it will never be. All the resources of this world are physical and they can accordingly deal in physicality only, most of the times, whereas happiness is not a state of the physical body and it is a state of the mind and hence whether or not you are truly happy, will most of the times depend upon the type of mindset that you have. A positive mind will almost always find reasons to be happy and content, even in the worst of the circumstances whereas a negative and complaining mind will almost always find one thing or the other to complain about, even in the best of the circumstances.

Hence it all starts with the mind and it all finishes with the mind. If you have a positive mind which is capable of seeing the beauty in all the species and the things created by nature as well as by Man, you will be able to enjoy most of your life as you have a mindset of enjoying one thing or the other in every aspect of the nature as well as in every aspect of the world. On the other hand, if you have a negative mind and you are only good at finding faults with most of the species, things and situations, almost nothing can make you happy permanently and even if you are happy for some time, it is certainly short lasting happiness as very soon, you will find ways to complain about this state of happiness also.

During my journey of this life, I have interacted with and observed multiple thousands of people and they seem to exhibit different types of characters and different point of views due to which different people react differently in different circumstances and situations, and depending upon their mindset and their reactions towards a situation, the results are also different for them. A positive mind will most of the times get something good out of every situation and profit from it whereas a negative mind will most of the times, fail to gain even from the best of the situations. Look at these two different answers coming from two people in the same situation which looked like a bad situation. Not being selected for the job after job interview, one person told me that nothing is going good for him and that he is getting more and more frustrated and depressed after every failed job interview. The other person told me that this failure means that I deserve more than this job and there is something even better than this job, for me in store. These failures on the way are only making me prepared and experienced for the day, when the real opportunity for me comes my way.

The first person is still living a life of complaints after settling for a job which is much below his caliber whereas the second person has finally found what he always believed that he will find, which is the job far better than the jobs for which he was rejected. At times, it may seem difficult to understand, but the fact of the matter is that all of us, sooner or later, only get the types of good or bad things, situations or relations that we really want. People with negative mindset will start apprehending something bad right from the start while entering into a job, exam, relation or anything else and the power of their negative mind and apprehensions, is the one that ultimately makes their fears come true and then they can be found saying, I was feeling it right from the start and look it has happened. The matter of the fact is that it is only their fear and negative mindset which has made this negative situation, become a reality.

On the other hand, there are people who have positive mindset and who are confident and very confident that whatever is going to happen to them, whoever is going to come in their lives, they will gain from everything and everyone in the long run and surprisingly but not surprisingly such people will gain in their life, most of the times. Such people can get positive results even from the seemingly negative situations. The reason once again is the same which is the unmatched power of human mind which when works in positive direction, can create strongly positive people who can make almost anything possible with the power of their minds and which when works in negative direction, can create strongly negative people, which have the ability to fail even in the most positive circumstances. So, good and bad, success and failure, everything is ultimately controlled by the power of human mind and hence it becomes very important to recognize this power and start making positive use of it.

Himanshu Shangari

3 thoughts on “The Power of Mind

  1. Hi Sir,

    It’s bit confusing!!1 Does it mean a person should keep himself positive and in turn he will be Happy. Nut if he is happy then he won’t dream to make it bigger in life and will set for what presently is there in his life. Like for example if a labor is in positive mindset and is happy why will he dream to come out of his present situation?
    If people dream Bigger in life they are obviously going to get frustrated till he is not able to achieve the same.

    • Dear Vivek,
      Being positive means, learn the art of adapting to your present circumstances, continuously work towards becoming better by doing more good karmas and more effort, and understand at the same time that such results may take a long tim to come, but they will surely come. So don’t get frustrated.
      Lord Shiva Bless You
      Himanshu Shangari

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