The Secret Behind Date, Place and Time of Birth

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In the previous article, as I was saying that the net amount of various positive or negative energies to be registered with different energy centers of a human is decided according to the past life energy equation of that human, a question may come to the mind of some readers, how is the exact same equation of energy transferred to a human, which he carried at the time of his death in his previous life. The answer to this question comes in the form of date, month, year and place of birth of the same human or to be precise, of the same soul. A specific person who carried a specific equation of energy at the time of his death in his past life will take his next birth only when the skies over the place of his birth are reflecting the exact same equation of energy and this equation will be registered within various energy centers of his body as soon as he comes out in this world.

An interesting observation here is to note that since the net equation of energy over the skies of a particular place is constantly changing, even with the seconds, this is why even the twins separated by a minute or so will be somewhat different from each other no matter how much resemblance they may have. This is again due to the fact that the net equation of energy had changed during that minute and the person coming a minute late, gets a different type of energy than the person coming a minute earlier. This also validates the need of a soul taking birth on the exact decided place and at the exact decided time because this soul has to carry the exact same energy equation which he carried at the end of his past life and that exact same energy equation will be there only at a certain specific place and at a certain specific date and time, once in many years.

For this reason, our next birth is fixed in terms of place and time as soon as we die in this life, as the net energy equation at the time of our death has been calculated and accordingly, the next possible location and time for that exact energy equation to appear on the horizon has also been calculated which obviously becomes our time and place of birth. Some of you might have wondered as to why the best type of people like Saints and Gods and the worst types of people who are the Devils incarnate, take birth separated by comparatively longer or much longer periods of time. Well now is the time to know the answer, such souls whether positive or negative, carry extremely rare patterns of energy equation and once they leave a physical body, the next occurrence for the same energy equation does not come soon as they carry rarest of the rare energy equations and for this reason, such souls are not as many in numbers as many others are there which have more commonly existing energy equation which repeats once every few years.

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