The Theory of Karma 02

Wisdom 012

Whereas most of our thoughts and mind patterns involve us and us only or they do not cause direct profit or loss to the others thereby falling in the category of neutral karmas, there are some specific type of activities of our mind which are classified as either good or bad karmas. For example, when you pray for the benefit of other people or other species, such prayers are included in good karmas provided they do not include any direct benefit of yours and they are done for selfless reasons which means that if you are praying for your dad to become a billionaire, it is at the most a neutral karma and not a good karma since deep down you know that if your dad becomes a billionaire, you too will benefit and hence it is a not a good karma.

But on the other hand, if you are praying for some stranger or for some other causes which do not bring any direct benefit to you and you are aware of this fact that the benefit of these prayers if any, will all go to the ones you are praying for and nothing will come to you directly if such prayers are granted, you are certainly doing a good karma even though you are just praying within your mind which in other words is merely your positive thought pattern. Hence all such activities or thought patterns of your mind, which wish good luck or which pray for good things to happen to the others without any benefits coming to you, are classified as good karmas. By now, all of you must be wondering as to how smart are the people who devote their lives to praying for the others without their own benefit in those prayers as they are continuously doing more and more good karmas and as a results more and more positive energy is being added to them thereby increasing the chances of them achieving whatever they wish to achieve.

Looking at the other side of the picture, any thoughts or thought patterns which come to your mind and which wish bad for the others or in other words when you curse others without any just cause or reason and without any injustice done by them to you, such thoughts or thought patterns are classified in the category of bad karmas. For example, the mind patterns like wishing that a particular person should fall ill or something otherwise bad should happen to him so that he may not come to a competition or a job interview so that you may win that competition or you may get that job due to his absence, will be classified as a negative karma since you have tried and sent negative energy to this person through your mind patterns so that he may be harmed and you may get benefitted.

All other such type of thoughts or thought patterns are also classified as bad karmas and they all bring negative energy to add to you which means more troubles in the future. It should however be noted here that praying or cursing which means that positive or negative energy sent out of your mind to benefit or harm the others, is most of the times not as potent a good karma or a bad karma, as potent a good or bad karma is by physically doing something to benefit or harm the others. As a general rule, mind patterns cause mild good or bad karmas, speeches or writings cause comparatively stronger good or bad karmas depending upon whether they are positive or negative and the physical karmas done by us cause the strongest good or bad karmas once again depending upon the positive or negative nature of such karmas.

By now, all of you must have become aware of the power of good as well as bad karmas and you must have also known as to why wise men say, think well for the others, speak well for the others and do good for the others and at the same time, don’t think bad for the others, don’t speak bad for the others and don’t do bad to the other people. This is due to the fact that all these wise men know that by doing, saying or thinking such good or bad things, you are engaging in good or bad karmas where good karmas will add positive energy to you whereas bad karmas will add more negative energy to you, thereby giving rise to more problems.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari