The Theory of Karma

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Let’s try to understand as to what is karma and how many types of karmas are there. To start with the definition first, a Karma is any action, speech and sometimes even a thought practiced by us and in this way, whatever we are doing, whatever we are saying and sometimes even whatever we are thinking is a karma. By this time, some of you must be wondering as to how can saying something and even thinking something can become a karma, well don’t think so much as this theory has perfect explanation and by the time, you are finished reading this topic, you will know each and everything about this theory of karma as good as I know, well almost as good.

Karma can be divided into three types and these three types of karma are Good Karma, Bad Karma and Neutral Karma and it is very easy to understand each one of these types since they are very simple ones to understand. Anything that you do or say or sometime even think and the other people or other species or the universe on the whole gets benefitted from it, is called a good karma. On the other hand, anything that you do or say or sometime even think and the other people or other species or the universe on the whole suffers loss through it, is called a bad karma. And the easiest one is the third one which says that anything that you say, do or think which does not make any direct positive or negative change to the other people, other species or the universe as a whole is a neutral karma.

Let’s now try to understand these three types of karmas with the help of practical examples so that all of you may have perfect understanding of this theory of karma which has been in the root of all good and bad happening to us since our first birth and which will always be the root of all good and bad happening to us in this life as well as in all of the coming lives. Understanding good karmas is easy, doing any type of charities, donations, helpful work, helping others, contributing to the society, eco system, the whole scheme of universe, promoting equality and all other such type of positive and balancing activities are classified as good karmas.

So when you are helping a poor man out or offering your service to a physically disabled person or an old person, treating an injured dog or cat lying on the side of the road, planting more trees so that the earth may become a better and cleaner place to live, educating other people about good and bad karmas or about the ways through which they can improve their lives as well as improve the society and earth they are living on, and you are engaging in all other such types of activities, you are indeed doing good karmas for which you will sooner or later receive the rewards.

On the other hand, when you are robbing a poor man or any human for that matter, indulging in physical assault or violence against other humans or other species, for reasons which do not demand such acts in the name of justice and in order to restore peace and balance in the society or in the world, perform brutal actions like raping a helpless and physically weak girl, killing a dog or a cat or some other animal for no just reason and just for fun, doing more and more things to pollute the atmosphere and disturb the eco system as well as the life balance of this earth, misleading fellow people to engage in negative or bad deeds which can harm others, and all other such type of activities where someone or some system is suffering by virtue of your Karma and where such action or karma cannot be justified by any just reason, are classified as bad karmas.

Understanding neutral karmas is not much of a trouble and anything you do, say or think that does not either directly benefits other or harms others is a neutral karma, for example while you sleep, drink water, eat food and do other such things, they are either your daily need activities or sometimes you do some of them for fun, knowledge or time pass and as long as these activities do not harm or benefit others, they are called neutral karmas. It should be mentioned here that thinking is most of the time, a neutral karma and it seldom becomes a positive karma or a negative karma and that is when it gains importance as the definition of good or bad karma includes certain special types of thinking patterns and thoughts also which we will understand with the help of examples in the next article.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari

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