Too Many Excuses and Justifications 01

Wisdom 015

One more negative habit which can cause problems for you in various spheres of your life is the habit of making too many excuses or giving too many justifications when you should have spent all the time wasted in these activities, in doing correctly what you were supposed to do. It is a common trait among many people that they will not do what is required of them in a proper or timely manner and sometimes they do not do it at all and when they are asked for an explanation why did they not do their job properly or timely, instead of admitting their mistake, they will start making excuses and giving justifications as to why could not they complete their job in a proper or timely manner. Even though many of such people making such excuses think that they have convinced the other person with their perfect looking excuses and justifications but in reality, such excuses look perfect to them only and from the point of view of the other person, such excuse and justifications only add fuel to the fire.

Yes, I know that almost all of us can sometimes face a situation when due to certain unavoidable circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to complete our job in a proper or timely manner and it is fine if it stays only till here. But if you have developed a habit of not doing your job in a proper or timely manner most of the time and then make excuses, it does become a serious concern as slowly but surely, you will start losing your credibility and more and more people will avoid giving you important tasks or jobs, or any jobs to start with since you are a person who they can’t depend on and most of the people in this world including you and me, would not want to give an important job to someone who is not dependable.

Hence it is a big problem and if you have this habit you should start doing the things needed in order to get rid of this negative habit and in order to do so, we will first look at the root cause of this habit as we always do and then we will work towards the activities which can help you get rid of this problem. This problems starts from some point back in the time, when you could not do something in a proper and timely manner and instead of admitting your mistake, you decided to make an excuse or give a justification. As you made this excuse, it was accepted by the other person and accordingly your mistake or irresponsibility was ignored and this very fact gave you a negative type of motivation which said that if you are smart enough to save yourself from apologizing in front of various people, then why apologize and why not make such wonderful excuses more and more.

Kindly also consider this fact at the same time that since you have made such an excuse for the very first time, this is the primary reason that the other person has not doubted your sincerity and he has accepted your excuses as a genuine problem that you may have faced while doing his job because at this point, you have not developed a reputation of being a person who does not do his job in a proper and timely manner and then makes excuses. So the other person trusts you and he thinks that you may have faced a genuine problem due to which you could not complete his job on time or in proper manner and this whole practice has actually nothing to do with your smartness in making excuses as you think. But as you start thinking that you are smart enough to make such excuses which can save you from saying sorry or from apologizing, you tend to put less effort and less concentration on your next job as you already know by now that even if the job is not completed in a proper or timely manner, there is something special about you which will save you from all the trouble.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari