Too much Anger, Too many Arguments 01

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After you have won your battle with the problem of making excuses, let’s now move on to the next battle front where one more potential enemy is waiting to be conquered by us. This enemy is the one who can take control of our mind for a short duration of time and then make us say and do the worst type of things which we may regret later on and which can cause so much damage to us and sometimes this damage can be an irreversible in nature. Yes, we are talking about the problem of too much anger. The habit of having too much anger is a problem which can spoil even the best of the things achieved by you and which at times, can make others ignore even the best qualities in you and leave you.

Hence if you have this problem of excessive anger, you will need to get rid of it in order to make yourself a better person and in order to achieve more and more good things in your life and most importantly, in order to retain whatever good things or good people you have already achieved in your life because the worst type of damage done by anger is that it can snatch even the most valuable and the dearest people or achievements from you.

It should be noted that a certain amount of anger or aggression is a must needed quality if we want to achieve big things in our life and without anger or aggression; nothing great or even big can be achieved in most cases. Hence anger or aggression is not a bad thing in itself but not knowing how to channelize such anger or aggression, is the problem. Even the problem of getting too angry is not the one which will stop you from achieving big or very things in your life, though it has a strong tendency to take those things and especially people, away from you. For this reason, learning to control your anger becomes very important as you won’t want to let go of the things or people in which you have invested so much of your effort, time and care. In order to treat this problem of excessive anger, let’s try to find the root cause of this problem and then start dealing with it from that root itself.

Not all people are born equal in terms of their physical and mental composition and accordingly there are some people who in comparison to an average person, are gifted with much more physical or mental energy, whether this energy is positive or negative. As the amount of energy running through their body or mind is much more than an average person, it is easy to understand that these people need more and more ways to find an exit for this energy or find more and more jobs to utilize this energy. By virtue of their past life karmas as well as by virtue of their present life karmas and efforts, some of these people find proper directions to channelize this energy and these are the people who are seen achieving big or very big things in various spheres of life as they have much more energy to perform and accordingly they have better chances of achieving more and more.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari


One thought on “Too much Anger, Too many Arguments 01

  1. Dear Himanshu,

    Greetings for the day !!!

    What you said above is correct to some extent as i see Anger. I get Angry for things not done properly,people not respecting time,someone not doing what he is suppose to do I mean geting agnry for me has genuin reasons. In the family or outside. I may ignore people who are outside & optional but how can i ignore people in my family or someone in the office whom we meet daily & live with them. So once & for all we need to tell them how we want things to happen or people to behave when we are around in the same way they want us to behave when they are around. I guess when everyone behave in a certain manner which is likable by all we all will be happy & no one will be angry.

    Someone really said something good about ANGER….


    Instead asking people not to get angry ask why people get angry ?
    I just see it as they don’t tolerate any nonsense, why should someone ?

    Hope i have justifeid what i said…May not what you think about ANGER or ANGRY PEOPLE…

    Thanx & Rgds

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