Too much Anger, Too many Arguments 02

Heaven and Hell Within

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On the other hand, some of these people once again due to their past life karmas as well as their present life karmas and efforts; don’t get due chances or opportunities to put this energy to a constructive use. As a result, the unused amount of energy keep increasing with time and when this energy is unable to be contained anymore, it comes out in the form of bursts of anger, just like a volcano pours out tons and tons of lava which has been building inside it for a long time and which is unable to be contained now, by this volcano. Hence this problem of excessive anger comes from having more physical or mental energy than an average person and then not finding proper ways to channelize this excessive energy.

The problem of excessive anger is further divided into two categories and these classifications depend on whether you are suffering from excessive physical energy or from excessive mental energy. Even though the resultant is excessive anger in both the cases, but the expression of this anger is different depending on whether such anger has been caused by excessive physical energy or by excessive mental energy. If you are confused how these different energies should be identified, let me help you with this and tell you how to identify these two different types of energies.

Pay attention to this fact that the people getting angry due to excessive physical energy often express their anger in the form of physical activities like fighting with other people, throwing things around, hitting other people or things or even hitting themselves whereas the people getting angry due to excessive mental energy often express their anger in the form of too many arguments, heated arguments, verbal fights, emotional dramas and all other such type of violent or aggressive activities which exist on mental plane and which don’t contain physical violence, in most cases.

Hence in order to treat this problem effectively, you will need to learn ways to channelize this energy in proper direction and at the same time you will need to limit your engagement in certain specific types of activities which may increase this problem as such activities are likely to bring more energy to your body or they can act as a catalyst and provoke your energy to come out in the form of anger.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari