Too Much Copying 02

Wisdom 014

Taking another example, let’s say that a person who is very fair in color, decides to have a tan in the Sun so that he may look somewhat tanned which gives him a better look. Now looking at this very fair person tanning in the Sun, do you think that it is wise for a person with dark or very dark color to start tanning also so that he may also get the same good looks. I know that many of you are already laughing while considering this whole scene, but the reason behind your laughter or smile is that you already know that a tan may give a better look to a very fair or fair person but it will work in the opposite direction for the dark or very dark person and so he should not tan, if his only motive of having such tan is to look better. So even though the process of tanning is the same, it can improve the looks of a very fair person whereas it can worsen the look of a dark or very dark person. Hence what works very well for someone, may not work well for you and in fact it may create various types of problems for you. So do not copy what other people are doing without knowing whether such an activity or habit will suit you or not, according to your personality type.

Have you ever wondered as to why is it so that a man and a woman who had a divorce after terrible and continuous fights and arguments soon after their marriage which can be called as a terrible marriage, married for the second time with someone else and let’s say that one of them or both of them are leading a very happy married life. Taking the case of women in this example, her second husband truly thinks that she is an amazing and wonderful woman and his life has become much better after she has come into his life, this is what he feels and this is what is true also, but for him only. Now consider telling the same thing to the first husband of this woman and see what happens as he will start telling you as to how this woman turned his life into hell, in a relatively shorter period of time. The woman is the same, but the opinions are quite the opposite ones, so which one is true, and you already know the answer in this case that both the opinions are true from the point of view and experience of both of these men. So once again, the woman who did not work for one man, worked perfectly for the other man.

And even though I can give hundreds of more such examples from practical life but I think the examples given above are good enough to make you understand that every individual is different from the other individuals and accordingly different things, theories and people work the best for different people and it all depends upon what suits you. So do not copy the style, habit or anything else of any other person without knowing the fact as to whether it will suit you or not for if it suits you, there is only gain in copying it but if it harms you, you know what will happen.

And before finishing this topic, let’s take another example from real life in order to make you understand more and more that you should not copy other people without knowledge. A person is suffering from headache and another person recommends to him that he also has such headaches and he takes a particular medicine and then he gets well. The first person also tries this medicine without knowing anything and his headache becomes severe and at the same time, he starts observing many other problems. What has happened here and why has it happened that the same medicine gave quite the opposite effect in case of these two persons? Well the first person was suffering from high blood pressure due to which he had headaches and accordingly he was taking medicine to reduce blood pressure which treated his problem of headache whereas the second person was having headache due to low blood pressure and the same medicine worsened his problem as it further lowered his blood pressure. Don’t smile too much and learn the moral once again; do not copy others without proper knowledge.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari