Too Much Copying

Wisdom 014

One thing or one habit that you need to control before you learn to control any of your other bad habits is to stop copying other people and understand this fact that the things that work for the people you are copying, may not work for you and in fact, they may harm you sometimes. Copying someone without proper knowledge can sometimes bring you good or even very good results but on the other hand, this habit can sometimes bring disasters to you, which means that by blindly copying the others, you are only trying your luck randomly and if this is what you want to do, purchasing a lottery ticket on daily basis is a better option. So believe me when I say that all of us can do much better than blindly copying other people.

It is very common among many people to copy the lifestyle or particular habits of certain specific people who may be successful or very successful in their lives but in many of such cases, many such people copying others may get into trouble and the reason is very obvious, they are they and you are you, so what works for them, may or may not work for you and in fact it may work against you and cause troubles for you. Hence do not copy anyone blindly and if you must copy someone or a particular habit of someone, first try and learn as to why that habit is working for them and are you holding the same grounds so that it may work for you also.

I know that many books or articles will give a general formula for all people to improve themselves and such books or articles will tell you all to follow certain general guidelines and though such guidelines do work for some people but the speed and quantum of results may not be what it should have been in many cases which means that such general guidelines work very good for some people, they work just all right for some other people and for a section of people, such general guidelines may not seem to work at all. Do you know the reason as to why this happens, I’m sure many of you don’t know but most of you positively want to know now, now that I have brought this fact to your attention.

Well the reason or the answer lies in the question itself, general guidelines are general whereas each person is specific and therefore, you do not need general guidelines but you need specific ones. It is interesting to see that in this time and age of specific importance, you will choose a specific cream that suits your skin type, a specific soap, a specific style of clothes and shoes, a specific type of car that you like and all other specific type of things and even specific type of people that you like and which work best for you, but when it comes to a finding guidelines to improve yourself, you are not much bothered about finding the ones that suit and work for you and your personality type and instead you are happy to follow general guidelines. General guidelines can sometimes work for you whereas they can sometimes put you in more trouble than you already are in.

For example, if you add blue color to a colorless solution, the solution will turn blue, but if you add the same blue color to a yellow solution, the solution will turn green and similarly you will get a variety of different colors if you keep on adding blue color to different colors. You see, even though you are adding the same color to different solutions, but the resultant color is different in all the cases, depending upon the original color of the solution. The color Blue here signifies a specific habit of someone that made them blue and since you want to be blue, you add that blue color or that habit to you also by copying that habit or by starting to add blue color to you, not being aware of the fact that your original color is yellow and accordingly this blue will make you turn green and not blue, and green may be the color you did not want at all. Green color in this example signifies problem, trouble or any other unwanted results.

To be Continued

Himanshu Shangari