Working of Subconscious Mind

Heaven and Hell Within

It is the time to know that our conscious mind is not capable of attracting much positive or negative energy from the outside world on its own, though it may attract small amounts of this energy at times. These amounts are so small that they are not capable of bringing any major changes in our energy patterns as well as in our auras and our lives. For this fact, our conscious mind depends on our subconscious mind to attract more and more positive or negative energy from the outside world. The subconscious mind is much powerful in comparison to the conscious mind and it is capable of doing this more effectively and this is where the role of the subconscious mind comes into play.

Depending on the positive or negative nature and strength of the energy coming to us from outside, through our subconscious mind, the net equation of energy changes depending on whether our subconscious mind has attracted positive or negative energy from the outside. The energy equation resumes from where it was in our previous life and then starts changing positively or negatively, depending on whether we are trying to bring in more positivity or more negativity. This is why, keeping positive thinking patterns, is important. Read more at